Keyboarding and Word Processing, Complete Course, Lessons 1-120, 18th Edition

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Keyboarding and Word , Complete Course, Lessons 1-120: : Keyboarding
The Eighteenth Edition of KEYBOARDING AND WORD PROCESSING COMPLETE COURSE, LESSONS 1-120 uses proven techniques to help readers master the keyboarding and word processing skills they need for career success--from initial new-key learning to expertise in creating documents with Microsoft Word 2010. South-Western College Keyboarding offers a proven, time-tested approach that helps readers develop a strong foundation in basic keyboarding, steadily improve their skills, and rapidly become proficient in document formatting, proofreading, and . Each lesson is clearly focused, well structured, and designed to provide step-by-step training and reinforcement to help readers quickly acquire and apply new skills. This proven, comprehensive book provides everything readers need within a space-saving easel-back format.

Table of Contents

LEVEL 1: Developing Keyboarding Skill: LESSONS 1-25
Module 1: Alphabetic Keys
Module 2: Figure and Symbol Keys

LEVEL 2: Word Processing Document : LESSONS 26–55
Module 3: Word 2010 Basics
Module 4: Memos and Letters
Module 5: Tables
Module 6: Reports
Module 7: Graphics
Module 8: Document Review
Project 1: TruAcc, Inc

LEVEL 3: Document Design Mastery: LESSONS 56–82

Module 9: Word 2010 Review
Module 10: Memos and Letters
Module 11: Tables
Module 12: Reports
Module 13: Mail Merge
Project 2: Palm Beach Pet Center I

LEVEL 4: Advanced Document Processing: LESSONS 83–120
Module 14: Documents with Graphics
Module 15: Meeting, Travel, and News Documents
Module 16: Legal and Medical Documents
Module 17: Employment Documents
Module 18: Review and Assessment
Module 19: Master Word Commands
Module 20: Share and Secure Content

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