Java EE Enterprise Application Case Study: Complete Solution addressing NFRs

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The motivation to write this book comes from facts that there a gamut of frameworks and technologies today to build a custom enterprise applications using frameworks. Which options should I go with and what are the choices that I need to make. Do I need to procure multiple frameworks or EE (5 and above) provides comprehensive capabilities to build an enterprise application. Understanding this and the pros and cons of the several J2EE technologies how they fit into the enterprise application is the subject of this book. This book also addresses the NFRs and explains how they will be addressed in the solution. This title provides a step by step approach and best practices to help architects and SME evangelize the solution which cover various views/diagrams including design decision, assumptions, and and mitigation actions.

There are no reference artifacts in today that covers the entire process from requirements to solutioning for an enterprise grade Java Application. These references focus on describing the frameworks and its capability but none provides an end-2-end view and process of how the solution can be evangelized including addressing NFRs. This critical areas covered are transaction, security, frameworks, sizing, deployment models and scaling of the applications. Most of the books and references will provide theoretical approach giving only limited guidance which is not adequate for real world scenarios or enterprise scale applications. The book is a good reference for understanding how the notations and various models are leveraged by SME, designers and architects to enterprise applications.

This book describes the process of building a full scale real world solution using the JEE (5.0 and above) application .

Table of Contents

Part I - Solution
Part II – Non-Functional Requirements
Part III – Java EE Best Practices
PART IV – Appendices
Appendix I: Approach and Methodology
Appendix II: Java EE Vs Dot Net
Appendix III: Open Source Development
Appendix IV: Sizing and Capacity Planning

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  • Title: Java EE Enterprise Application Case Study: Complete Solution addressing NFRs
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  • Length: 135 pages
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  • Publication Date: 2015-01-19
  • ISBN-10: B00SHXPC3M