iPad and iPhone Kung Fu: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for iOS 7

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Printed in full color.

A shortcut straight to power-user level with over 300 tips, tricks, hints, and hacks to make your Apple device the one thing you can't live without. Learn the of FaceTime, Maps, Safari, and Mail. Transform your Apple device into a go-to office tool, as well as tighten security to deter theft. Designed to be dipped into, most tips in iPad and iPhone Kung Fu take only a minute to implement, but will change your life. Good for iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Apple changed the world with the iPhone and iPad. But while Apple's impeccable design and attention to detail makes using the devices easy, getting the very most from the software takes time and effort. iPad and iPhone Kung Fu picks up where instruction manuals finish and wastes no time turning you into an expert.

Whether it's browsing the web with Safari, emailing with Mail, photographing with the Camera app, sharing on Facebook or Twitter, reading and learning with iBooks, or navigating with Maps, this book digs down into the nitty-gritty of the operating system and its apps. You'll find the juiciest and most astonishing time-savers and labor-saving tricks for iOS 7.

But the iPad and iPhone aren't just about content consumption. Learn tricks for using Apple's iWork applications to edit and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Find tips for using GarageBand to make tunes, and hints for how iMovie can create your latest blockbuster. You'll discover the secrets of Apple's iPhoto image editing app too.

This is the premier companion for your Apple adventure, and the only book you need.

What You Need:

For the Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS 7 (or earlier releases of iOS with some common-sense adaptation)

Table of Contents

Tip 1. Take photos in burst mode
Tip 2. Instantly clear lock-screen notifications
Tip 3. Let people FaceTime-call a specific iPad, iPhone, or Mac
Tip 4. Preview driving directions in Maps
Tip 5. See recently closed browser tabs
Tip 6. Easily select paragraphs, sentences, and lines
Tip 7. Use emoji—full-color emoticons
Tip 8. Automatically end web and email addresses
Tip 9. Stop being told twice about new messages
Tip 10. Record the screen of an iPad or iPhone
Tip 11. Take better HDR pictures
Tip 12. Type on the iPad keyboard with your thumbs
Tip 13. Rotate clips in iMovie
Tip 14. Get more weather information
Tip 15. Know when iMessage is being used
Tip 16. Use autoplay variations in GarageBand
Tip 17. Undo and redo quickly in iWork and iLife
Tip 18. Hide the keyboard when messaging
Tip 19. Gain extra exposure within iPhoto
Tip 20. Lock your iPad or iPhone with a long PIN
Tip 21. Navigate without spoken directions
Tip 22. Group shapes, photos, and text boxes in iWork
Tip 23. View Map pins that are close together
Tip 24. Jump to the top of any page or list
Tip 25. Enable two-step verification for extra security
Tip 26. Take photos while shooting video
Tip 27. Move email addresses in the Mail app
Tip 28. See a list of all upcoming calendar events
Tip 29. Quickly rip your CD collection for your iPad or iPhone
Tip 30. Move backward and forward when giving a Keynote presentation
Tip 31. Control the Ken Burns effect in iMovie
Tip 32. Forward an SMS/MMS message or iMessage to another person
Tip 33. Create folders in the Dock
Tip 34. Stop the phone's ringing, but still take the call
Tip 35. Trim movies you record
Tip 36. Instantly align maps with north
Tip 37. Easily rearrange home-screen icons
Tip 38. Put your photos online instantly for non-Apple users
Tip 39. Type rather than speak Siri questions
Tip 40. Take a snapshot of the screen
Tip 41. Copy and paste a text style in Pages
Tip 42. Quickly scroll through home screens
Tip 43. View lyrics while listening to music
Tip 44. Access your email drafts
Tip 45. Snooze an alarm quickly
Tip 46. Delete shared photo-stream comments
Tip 47. Shake to undo
Tip 48. Quit multiple apps in one gesture
Tip 49. Always quit GPS apps to save battery life
Tip 50. Quote only part of a message in an email reply
Tip 51. Quickly switch to large or small fonts in Pages
Tip 52. Use the built-in dictionary to look up definitions
Tip 53. Have directions repeated
Tip 54. Listen to just the of a music video
Tip 55. Make maps orient to the direction you’re facing
Tip 56. Cancel Siri
Tip 57. Forward just an email's attachment
Tip 58. Be notified of only important emails
Tip 59. Use vocal or guitar tracks for sampling in GarageBand
Tip 60. Move from right to left when taking a panorama shot
Tip 61. Default to walking directions in Maps
Tip 62. Group slides in Keynote
Tip 63. Quickly type a period
Tip 64. Import contact photos from Facebook and Twitter
Tip 65. Get free stuff from Apple
Tip 66. View the number of items on your iPad/iPhone via iTunes
Tip 67. Store PDFs
Tip 68. Repeat calendar events on the first or last day of each month
Tip 69. Activate Siri using your headphones
Tip 70. Save time when typing numbers and symbols
Tip 71. Create fancy email signatures
Tip 72. Remotely view the remaining charge of your Apple devices
Tip 73. Why can't I use a tune with iMovie?!
Tip 74. Copy contact photos
Tip 75. Send map locations from iPad to iPhone
Tip 76. Tap to shrink Control Center
Tip 77. Bow strings in GarageBand
Tip 78. Less obvious things to say to Siri
Tip 79. Access a hidden “field test” iPhone mode
Tip 80. Lock out notifications while using an app
Tip 81. Print to any printer connected to a Mac or Windows PC
Tip 82. Prune your contacts list without going insane
Tip 83. Transfer photos from a Mac or Windows PC
Tip 84. Use the Calculator app's mode
Tip 85. Read manuals online
Tip 86. Drop pins even when driving a route
Tip 87. Play the drums better in GarageBand
Tip 88. Use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi even in airplane mode
Tip 89. Save and share iWork files with WebDAV
Tip 90. Move shapes or images precisely in iWork
Tip 91. Use Siri to plan a route in Maps
Tip 92. Dial a voicemail PIN or phone extension automatically
Tip 93. Take long and tall shots using Panorama mode
Tip 94. Take photos like you would with a point-and-shoot camera
Tip 95. Use Bluetooth devices
Tip 96. Easily type capital letters when needed
Tip 97. Undo photo edits—even after you've saved them
Tip 98. Add words to the spelling dictionary
Tip 99. Help iOS type contractions (“we'll,” “I'll,” and so on)
Tip 100. Let people iMessage a specific iPad, iPhone, or Mac
Tip 101. Divert all iPhone calls straight to voicemail
Tip 102. Apply EQ to individual tracks or albums
Tip 103. Listen quietly at night
Tip 104. Start Safari ultraquickly in “clean” mode
Tip 105. See if it's dark somewhere
Tip 106. Get your longitude and latitude
Tip 107. Use kaomoji emoticons
Tip 108. Share and print “moments” photo albums
Tip 109. Jump to the Music app from Control Center
Tip 110. Getting around a broken Home button
Tip 111. See where suspicious links point
Tip 112. Delete app folders and put apps in alphabetical order
Tip 113. Automatically stop music or videos playing after a time
Tip 114. See your own number quickly
Tip 115. Use nicknames for people
Tip 116. Stop advertisers from tracking you
Tip 117. Open browser tabs in the background
Tip 118. Have iBooks read to you
Tip 119. Take photos without touching your iPad or iPhone
Tip 120. Know your pins in the Maps app
Tip 121. See larger thumbnail previews when browsing photos
Tip 122. Hard-reboot your iPhone or iPad
Tip 123. Find out which apps understand which kinds of files
Tip 124. Make Siri less loud!
Tip 125. Jump to the beginning or end of an iMovie project
Tip 126. Turn off in-app purchases
Tip 127. Download from foreign App Stores or iTunes Stores
Tip 128. Deal with photo-stream warnings when importing images
Tip 129. Find a lost password for an iTunes backup
Tip 130. Discover the IMEI and UDID
Tip 131. Insert the ellipsis character
Tip 132. Instantly create a calendar event
Tip 133. Make images and shapes the same size in iWork
Tip 134. Copy Calculator results
Tip 135. Move the browser pane in iPhoto
Tip 136. Rip CD tracks in the very best audio quality
Tip 137. Avoid wearing out the Home button
Tip 138. Cancel an app download
Tip 139. Create your own wallpaper from images
Tip 140. Instantly redial a busy line
Tip 141. Move images, shapes, or text boxes in straight lines in iWork
Tip 142. Personalize the Music app
Tip 143. Scroll text boxes on web pages
Tip 144. Trim audio tracks to remove nonsense
Tip 145. Send map locations to a desktop PC
Tip 146. Be multilingual
Tip 147. Fast-forward through music
Tip 148. Use iPod/iPhone headphones with Mac computers
Tip 149. See more info in the Stocks app
Tip 150. View and delete documents
Tip 151. Move calendar events easily
Tip 152. Back up your contacts
Tip 153. Stop iPad or iPhone backups from eating your hard disk
Tip 154. Preview a slide in Keynote
Tip 155. Make an iPhone truly quiet
Tip 156. Stop being nagged about missed calls or messages
Tip 157. Fully utilize fonts in iWork apps
Tip 158. Beam items using iPhoto
Tip 159. Play music or video on computers you haven't synced to
Tip 160. Use Pages for outlining
Tip 161. Type in all capital letters
Tip 162. Quickly type accented letters
Tip 163. Get a refund for an app
Tip 164. Right-justify text
Tip 165. Quickly adjust color and brightness in iPhoto
Tip 166. Make Maps show titles in native languages
Tip 167. See how long construction work will last
Tip 168. Easily move alarms on an iPad
Tip 169. Instantly see any unread emails
Tip 170. Hide photos in iPhoto
Tip 171. Chat to groups of people via iMessage
Tip 172. Use custom ringtones and vibrations for individual callers
Tip 173. View “invisibles” in Pages
Tip 174. Choose the order in which notifications appear
Tip 175. Find level surfaces with your iPhone
Tip 176. Search for businesses in Maps
Tip 177. Access photo-stream pics on a Windows PC
Tip 178. Answer or decline calls when wearing headphones
Tip 179. Save website images for viewing later
Tip 180. See the time of messages at a glance
Tip 181. See the full video frame when recording
Tip 182. Get curly quotes
Tip 183. Alter the maps angle
Tip 184. Fix crashes
Tip 185. See how much data was used in a FaceTime call
Tip 186. Quickly access your browsing history
Tip 187. Find the serial number of a stolen iPad/iPhone
Tip 188. Insert commonly used currency symbols when typing
Tip 189. Add another person's Touch ID
Tip 190. Choose a serendipitous destination
Tip 191. Zoom in further to pictures
Tip 192. Remove a photo filter
Tip 193. Look up a phone number
Tip 194. Crop a photo for printing
Tip 195. Refer to the page number in a Pages document
Tip 196. Export high-res edited images in iPhoto
Tip 197. Sort documents in iWork apps
Tip 198. Get pictures off your device without iCloud
Tip 199. Easily send emails to groups of people
Tip 200. Be reminded of birthdays
Tip 201. Reduce the space your music collection takes up
Tip 202. See links from Twitter buddies
Tip 203. Create a “lost or stolen” lock-screen message
Tip 204. Get a visual cue when notifications appear
Tip 205. Zoom when recording video or taking photos
Tip 206. Bounce to activate the lock-screen camera
Tip 207. Create footnotes in Pages
Tip 208. Type apostrophes and quotes quickly on an iPad
Tip 209. Make Siri pronounce names correctly
Tip 210. Easily select paragraphs in iWork apps
Tip 211. Instantly dismiss notifications
Tip 212. Get free apps even if your device doesn't have the space
Tip 213. See more detail when viewing Safari tabs on an iPhone
Tip 214. Turn the first home screen into a picture frame
Tip 215. Rate songs
Tip 216. Quickly reject a call
Tip 217. View upcoming reminders
Tip 218. Scrub properly
Tip 219. Copy items between iWork apps
Tip 220. Create your own ringtones
Tip 221. Use Siri to maintain a grocery list
Tip 222. Listen to iTunes Radio worldwide
Tip 223. Search on a web page
Tip 224. Block calls and messages from certain people
Tip 225. View larger thumbnails in iPhoto
Tip 226. Fun things to ask Siri
Tip 227. Check to see what Apple services are working
Tip 228. Make albums bigger in Cover Flow mode
Tip 229. View countdowns from the lock screen
Tip 230. Let Siri take you to settings
Tip 231. Avoid explicit music or videos
Tip 232. Listen to the audio of videos—even after switching away from them
Tip 233. Easily set start times in Calendar
Tip 234. Have Siri read its results to you
Tip 235. Search Google or Yahoo! with Siri, not Bing
Tip 236. Quickly respond to lock-screen notifications
Tip 237. Select different language keyboards quickly
Tip 238. End calls and lock the screen in one movement
Tip 239. Instantly switch to the last-used app
Tip 240. Lock the iPhone screen in landscape mode
Tip 241. Attach files to calendar events
Tip 242. Stream movies and music from your Mac or Windows PC
Tip 243. Turn off the iPhone flashlight quickly
Tip 244. Quickly navigate through Pages
Tip 245. Delete a miskeyed Calculator entry
Tip 246. Ask Siri about driving directions
Tip 247. Look up callers online
Tip 248. Ultraquickly reply to emails and messages
Tip 249. Scroll and zoom when using brushes in iPhoto
Tip 250. Have Safari fill in credit-card details
Tip 251. Create contact groups
Tip 252. Cue back and forth in iMovie without hassle
Tip 253. Allow only one person (or a select few people) to call you
Tip 254. Edit iWork documents on a Windows PC
Tip 255. Dial foreign numbers
Tip 256. Get transit directions
Tip 257. Remove “Recents" suggestions when emailing
Tip 258. Create a cut-out around images in iWork apps
Tip 259. Create “vibrate only” notifications
Tip 260. Open a web page in a non-Safari web browser
Tip 261. Manually sync music to your iPad or iPhone
Tip 262. Raise the iPhone to your ear to dictate
Tip 263. Rearrange reminder lists on the iPhone
Tip 264. Stop “sampling” alert sounds when setting an alarm
Tip 265. Put a call on hold
Tip 266. Interview people using your phone
Tip 267. Create events years in advance in Calendar
Tip 268. Make and change tab stops in Pages
Tip 269. Fix annoyances and make iOS easier to use
Tip 270. Create shortcuts to autotype text
Tip 271. Mass-delete photos
Tip 272. Change iMovie's theme without re-editing
Tip 273. Be reminded at a place via your iPhone
Tip 274. Use your iPhone when parking
Tip 275. FaceTime on TV
Tip 276. Get Siri to request bank-account details
Tip 277. Create folders in iCloud storage
Tip 278. Stop being told about spam messages
Tip 279. Add a “Phone me,” “Message me,” or “FaceTime me” link to email signatures
Tip 280. View Coordinated Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time
Tip 281. Instantly close all browser tabs
Tip 282. Listen to music while playing games
Tip 283. Move the cursor using gestures in Pages
Tip 284. Turn voice recordings into ringtones or alert tones
Tip 285. Monitor currency exchange rates in the Stocks app
Tip 286. Search only a single email account
Tip 287. Dictate like a pro
Tip 288. Apply a watermark to documents in Pages
Tip 289. Control Keynote remotely from another iPad or iPhone
Tip 290. Rotate and crop photos in iPhoto
Tip 291. Temporarily stop the screen from rotating when viewing photos
Tip 292. Upload GarageBand songs to iCloud
Tip 293. Quickly search the Web or Wikipedia
Tip 294. Apply multiple effects in iPhoto
Tip 295. Recover an iPhone that's been disabled
Tip 296. Switch from one call to another while wearing headphones
Tip 297. View a list of songs you've heard on iTunes Radio
Tip 298. Access iOS files via iTunes
Tip 299. Boost Safari with bookmarklets
Tip 300. Create shared calendars and Reminder lists
Tip 301. Create an ultrastrong passcode
Tip 302. Stop apps from using cellular data
Tip 303. Save battery life
Tip 304. Add more detail to iMovie's timeline
Tip 305. Create an apps wish list
Tip 306. View forgotten passwords
Tip 307. Limit Safari to a selection of websites
Tip 308. Switch Siri's voice to male
Tip 309. Quickly view all images received from somebody via iMessage
Tip 310. Stop Facebook from posting to the wrong audience
Tip 311. Easily email the text of a web page
Tip 312. Tell iOS where you work
Tip 313. Cut an iMovie clip quickly and easily
Tip 314. Temporarily turn off FaceTime video
Tip 315. View non-local weather on an iPad
Tip 316. Create a security camera
Tip 317. Record more-fluid HD video
Tip 318. FaceTime from your iPad to your iPhone (or vice versa)

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  • Title: iPad and iPhone Kung Fu: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks for iOS 7
  • Author:
  • Length: 300 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2014-03-01
  • ISBN-10: 1937785726
  • ISBN-13: 9781937785727
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