Introduction to Public Librarianship, 3rd Edition

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Put simply, there is no text about public librarianship more rigorous or comprehensive than McCook's survey. Now, the REFORMA Lifetime Achievement Award-winning author has teamed up with noted public library scholar and advocate Bossaller to update and expand her work to incorporate the field's renewed emphasis on outcomes and transformation. This essential tool (Library Journal) remains the definitive handbook on this branch of the profession. It covers every aspect of the public library, from its earliest history through its current incarnation on the cutting edge of the environment, including

  • , standards, planning, evaluations, and results;
  • legal issues, funding, and politics;
  • , administration, and staffing;
  • all aspects of library , from structure and infrastructure to websites and makerspaces;
  • adult services, youth services, and 's services;
  • associations, state library agencies, and other professional organizations;
  • global perspectives on public libraries; and
  • advocacy, outreach, and human rights.

Exhaustively researched and expansive in its scope, this benchmark text continues to serve both LIS students and working professionals.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The American Public Library: Democracy’S Hope And The Community’S Commons
Chapter 2. Development Of The Public Library In America: Colonial Times To The 1960S
Chapter 3. People, Not Institutions: Toward Equity Of Access (1960 To The Present)
Chapter 4. The Public Library Journey To Accountability: Metrics And Outcomes To Demonstrate Value
Chapter 5. “More And Better Libraries”: Political, Legal, And Aspects Of The Public Library
Chapter 6. The Public Library’S People: Work Life And Commitment
Chapter 7. The Public Library Building: Emblem Of Community Heritage And Embodiment Of Community Courage
Chapter 8. Youth Services In Public Libraries: History, Core Services, Challenges, And Opportunities
Chapter 9. Reader And Adult Services: To Survive, To Flourish, To Create
Chapter 10. Collaboration And Consortia
Chapter 11. Technology In Public Libraries: An Overview Of The Past, Present, And Future
Chapter 12. Global Perspectives On Public Libraries

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