Introduction to Computer Graphics: A Practical Learning Approach

Book Description

Teach Your Students How to Create a Application

Introduction to Computer Graphics: A Practical Learning Approach guides students in developing their own interactive graphics application. The authors show step by step how to implement computer graphics concepts and theory using the EnvyMyCar (NVMC) framework as a consistent example throughout the text. They use the WebGL graphics API to develop NVMC, a simple, interactive car racing game.

Each chapter focuses on a particular computer graphics aspect, such as and lighting. The authors help students understand how to handle geometric transformations, texturing, complex lighting effects, and more. This practical approach leads students to draw the elements and effects needed to ultimately create a visually pleasing car racing game. The code is available at

  • Puts computer graphics theory into practice by developing an interactive game
  • Enables students to experiment with the concepts in a practical setting
  • Uses WebGL for code examples
  • Requires knowledge of general programming and basic notions of HTML and
  • Provides the software and other materials on the book’s website

Software development does not require installation of IDEs or libraries, only a text editor.

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