Introducing English Grammar, 2nd Edition

Book Description

Answering key questions such as "Why study ?" and "What is standard English?" Introducing guides readers through the practical of the of English sentences.

With all special terms carefully explained as they are introduced, the book is written for readers with no previous experience of grammatical analysis. It is ideal for all those beginning their study of linguistics, English Language, or speech pathology, as well as students with primarily literary interests who need to cover the basics of linguistic analysis.

The approach taken is in line with current research in grammar, a particular advantage for students who may go on to study syntax in more depth. All the examples and exercies use real language taken from newspaper articles, non-standard dialects and include excerpts from studies of patients with language difficulties. Students are encouraged to think about the terminology as a tool kit for studying language and to test what can and cannot be described using these tools.

This new edition has been fully revised in line with recent research. There is a new chapter on world English, a new glossaryand a free website with extensive further reading.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction: the glamour of grammar
2 The structure of sentences
3 The words of English
4 within the clause
5 Different sentence types
6 The verb phrase
7 The noun phrase
8 Clauses within clauses
9 Beyond the sentence
10 Grammar at work
11 English worldwide

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