Interviewing and Change Strategies for Helpers, 7th Edition

Book Description

Fully updated to reflect the latest research and issues, INTERVIEWING AND CHANGE STRATEGIES FOR HELPERS, Seventh Edition introduces you to the knowledge, skills, , and tools needed by today's professional helpers. The authors' conceptual foundation reflects four critical areas for helpers: core skills and attributes, effectiveness and evidence-based practice, diversity issues and ecological , and critical commitments and ethical practice, using an interdisciplinary approach that reflects the authors' extensive experience in the fields of counseling, psychology, social work, and and human services. The text skillfully combines evidence-based interviewing skills and cognitive-behavioral intervention change strategies, thus preparing you to work with clients representing a wide range of ages, cultural backgrounds, and challenges in living.

Table of Contents

Ch 1: Building Your Foundation as a Helper
Ch 2: Critical Commitments: Diversity Issues and Ethical Practice for Helpers
Ch 3: Ingredients of an Effective Helping Relationship
Ch 4: Listening
Ch 5: Influencing Responses
Ch 6: Assessing and Conceptualizing Client Problems, Concerns, and Contexts
Ch 7: Conducting an Interview Assessment with clients
Ch 8: Constructing, Contextualizing, and Evaluating Treatment Goals
Ch 9: Clinical Decision Making and Treatment Planning
Ch 10: Cognitive Change Strategies: Reframing, Cognitive , Cognitive Restructuring, and Schema Therapy
Ch 11: Cognitive Approaches to Stress : Spirituality and Cultural Variation, Problem-Solving Therapy and Stress Inoculation
Ch 12: Self-Calming Approaches to Stress Management: Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, and Mindfulness Meditation
Ch 13: Exposure Therapy and Strategies: Imaginal, in Vitro, in Vivo and Intensive
Ch 14: Strategies for Working with Resistance: Solution-Focused Therapy and Motivational Interviewing
Ch 15: Self-Management Strategies: Self-Monitoring, Stimulus Control, Self-Reward, and Self-Efficasy

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