International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Applications: ICICA 2016

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The book is a collection of best papers presented in International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Applications (ICICA 2016) organized by Department of Computer Engineering, D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune, India during 20-22 December 2016. The book presents original work, information, techniques and applications in the field of computational intelligence, power and computing technology. This volume also talks about image language processing, computer vision and pattern recognition, machine learning, data mining and computational life sciences, management of data including Big Data and analytics, distributed and mobile systems including grid and cloud infrastructure.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Exploration Of Mars Using Augmented Reality
Chapter 2 Block Compressive Sampling And Wiener Curvelet Denoising Approach For Satellite Images
Chapter 3 Neural Deployment Algorithm For Wsn: A Concept
Chapter 4 Intelligent System Approach To Real-Time Video Denoising Using Lifting-Based Wavelet Technique
Chapter 5 Data Loss Prevention Scheme Using Adcn With Effective Tour Strategy In Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 6 Network Information Security Model Based On Web Data Mining
Chapter 7 Diagnosis Of Disease Using Feature Decimation With Multiple Classifier System
Chapter 8 Adaptive Filter Algorithms Based Noise Cancellation Using Neural Network In Mobile Applications
Chapter 9 A Novel Approach To Database Confidentiality In Online Voting System
Chapter 10 Attending Prominent Face In The Set Of Multiple Faces Through Relative Visual Saliency
Chapter 11 Parallel Palm Print Identification Using Fractional Coefficients Of Palm Edge Transformed Images On Gpu
Chapter 12 A Secure Spatial Domain Image Steganography Using Genetic Algorithm And Linear Congruential Generator
Chapter 13 Three-Dimensional Mri Brain Image Analysis On Hadoop Platform
Chapter 14 Performance Evaluation Of Fingerprint Trait Authentication System
Chapter 15 Graphical Password Using An Intuitive Approach
Chapter 16 A Model Of Legal And Procedural Framework For Cybercrime Investigation In India Using Digital Image Forensics
Chapter 17 Comparative Study Of Android-Based M-Apps For Farmers
Chapter 18 Feature Extraction Of Dicom Images Using Canny Edge Detection Algorithm
Chapter 19 Design Of 2-Bit Parallel Asynchronous Self-Timed Adder And 2-Bit Parallel Adder Using Radix Adder
Chapter 20 Efficient Image Secret Sharing Using Parallel Processing For Row-Wise Encoding And Decoding
Chapter 21 Txgr: A Reverse Engineering Tool To Convert Design Patterns And Application Software Into Graph
Chapter 22 Comparative Analysis Of Image Fusion Using Dct, Dst, Dwt, Walsh Transform And Kekre’S Wavelet Transform
Chapter 23 Iot-Based Smart Garbage Management System
Chapter 24 Event-Driven Soa-Based Iot Architecture
Chapter 25 Fpga Implementation Of Aes Algorithm For Image, Audio, And Video Signal
Chapter 26 Power Extraction From Small Hydropower Plant
Chapter 27 Enhancement Of Digital Distance Protection Scheme With Novel Transducer
Chapter 28 A Hierarchical Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Design For Tracking Ships Approaching Harbors Using An Aerial Mobile Sink (Ams) Node
Chapter 29 Development Of Single And Multi-Jet Conical Nozzle Based Open Jet Facility For Cold Jet Simulation
Chapter 30 Background Noise Identification System Based On Random Forest For Speech
Chapter 31 Spectral Analysis Of Speech Signal Characteristics: A Comparison Between Healthy Controls And Laryngeal Disorder
Chapter 32 Analysis Of Job Scheduling Algorithms And Studying Dynamic Job Ordering To Optimize Mapreduce
Chapter 33 Performance Analysis Of Qos Against Packets Size In Wsn
Chapter 34 A Novel Method For The Conversion Of Scanned Electrocardiogram (Ecg) Image To Digital Signal
Chapter 35 Fuzzy Logic Modeling For Strength Prediction Of Reactive Powder Concrete
Chapter 36 Real-Time Intelligent Ni Myrio-Based Library Management Robotic System Using Labview
Chapter 37 A Novel Approach For Dynamic Decision Making By Reinforcement Learning-Based Cooperation Methods (Rlcm)
Chapter 38 Interaction Of Cell Phone Radiations And Human Nervous System
Chapter 39 Simultaneous Scheduling Of Machines And Tools Considering Tool Transfer Times In Multimachine Fms Using Csa
Chapter 40 Energy-Aware Multi-Objective Differential Evolution In Cloud Computing
Chapter 41 Graphon Tamil To English Transliteration For Tamil Biomedicine
Chapter 42 Prediction Of Stock Market Indices By Artificial Neural Networks Using Forecasting Algorithms
Chapter 43 Enhanced Prediction Model For Customer Churn In Telecommunication Using Emote
Chapter 44 An Inter-Test Cube Bit Stream Connectivity-Optimized X-Filling Approach Aiming Shift Power Reduction
Chapter 45 Studying The Role Of Patient And Drug Attributes On Adverse Drug Effect Manifestation Using Clustering
Chapter 46 Fpga Implementation Of A Passive Filter For Harmonic Reduction In Inverter Outputs In Pv-Based Renewable Energy Systems
Chapter 47 Domain Ontology Graph Approach Using Markov Clustering Algorithm For Text Classification
Chapter 48 An Embedded System For Color Point Control Of Leds Against Ambient Temperature Variations
Chapter 49 Enhance Incremental Clustering For Time Series Datasets Using Distance Measures
Chapter 50 Bch/Hamming/Cyclic Coding Techniques: Comparison Of Papr-Reduction Performance In Ofdm Systems
Chapter 51 Study Of Segmentation Techniques For Cursive English Handwriting Recognition
Chapter 52 Wide Band Triangular Patch Textile Antenna With Partial Ground Plane
Chapter 53 A Survey On Image Enhancement Techniques Using Aesthetic Community
Chapter 54 Parameter Optimization For Medical Image Modality Classification
Chapter 55 Exploring The Architectural Entropy In Cloud Computing System
Chapter 56 Analysis Of Fronto-Temporal Dementia Using Texture Features And Artificial Neural Networks
Chapter 57 Revisiting The Symptoms Of Work-Life Balance: A Dependency Analysis Of Employees In Ict Sector
Chapter 58 A Compact Tri-Band Microstrip Patch Antenna For Wlan And Wi-Max Applications
Chapter 59 Statistical Vs. Rule-Based Machine Translation: A Comparative Study On Indian Languages

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  • Title: International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Applications: ICICA 2016
  • Length: 679 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2018-01-29
  • ISBN-10: 981105519X
  • ISBN-13: 9789811055195

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