Intelligent Information and Database Systems: 10th Asian Conference, Part II

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The two-volume set LNAI 10751 and 10752 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 10th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems, ACIIDS 2018, held in Dong Hoi City, Vietnam, in March 2018.
The total of 133 full papers accepted for publication in these proceedings was carefully reviewed and selected from 423 submissions.
They were organized in topical sections named: Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web; Social and Recommender Systems; Text Processing and Information Retrieval; Machine Learning and Data Mining; Decision Support and Control Systems; Computer Vision Techniques; Advanced Data Mining Techniques and Applications; Multiple Model Approach to Machine Learning; Sensor and Internet of Things; Intelligent Information Systems; Data Structures Modeling for Knowledge Representation; Modeling, Storing, and Querying of Data; Data Science and Computational Intelligence; Design Thinking Based R&D, Development Technique, and Based Learning; Intelligent and Contextual Systems; Intelligent Systems and Algorithms in Information Sciences; Intelligent Applications of Internet of Thing and Technologies; Intelligent Systems and Methods in Biomedicine; Intelligent Biomarkers of Neurodegenerative Processes in Brain; Analysis of Image, Video and Motion Data in Life Sciences; Computational Imaging and Vision; Computer Vision and ; Intelligent Computer Vision Systems and Applications; Intelligent Systems for Optimization of Logistics and Industrial Applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Deep Learning Based Approach for Entity Resolution in Databases
Chapter 2. Generating Arbitrary Cross Table Layout in SuperSQL
Chapter 3. -1Towards Association-Oriented Model of Lexical Base for Semantic Knowledge Base
Chapter 4. Integration of Relational and NoSQL Databases
Chapter 5. Complex Relationships Modeling in Association-Oriented Database Metamodel
Chapter 6. AODB and CDMM Modeling – Comparative Case-Study
Chapter 7. Experimental Clarification of Some Issues in Subgraph Isomorphism Algorithms
Chapter 8. Beyond Word-Cloud: A Graph Model Derived from Beliefs
Chapter 9. Meta-Modeling
Chapter 10. Stochastic Pretopology as a Tool for Topological Analysis of Complex Systems
Chapter 11. A Survey of Spatio-Temporal Database Research
Chapter 12. Automatically Mapping Wikipedia Infobox Attributes to DBpedia Properties for Fast Deployment of Vietnamese DBpedia Chapter
Chapter 13. A Fast Algorithm for Posterior Inference with Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Chapter 14. A Development of Participatory Sensing System for Foreign Visitors in PBL
Chapter 15. A Practice for Training IT Engineers by Combining Two Different Types of PBL
Chapter 16. Utilizing Tablets in an Ideathon for University Undergraduates
Chapter 17. An Approach to Representing Traffic State on Urban Roads Used by Various Types of Vehicles
Chapter 18. Agent-Based Model of Ancient Siege Tactics
Chapter 19. Weights Ordering During Training of Contextual Neural Networks with Generalized Error Backpropagation: Importance and Selection of Sorting Algorithms
Chapter 20. Implementing Contextual Neural Networks in Distributed Machine Learning Framework
Chapter 21. DeepEnergy: Prediction of Appliances Energy with Long-Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network
Chapter 22. Efficient Ensemble Methods for Classification on Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Clinical Dataset
Chapter 23. Solution of Dual Fuzzy Equations Using a New Iterative Method
Chapter 24. Transformation of Extended Entity Relationship Model into Ontology
Chapter 25. Pathfinding in a Dynamically Changing Environment
Chapter 26. Ontology Languages for Semantic Web from a Bit Higher Level of Generality
Chapter 27. A New Method for Establishing and Managing Group Key Against Network Attacks
Chapter 28. Detection of the Bee Queen Presence Using Sound Analysis
Chapter 29. A Design for an Anti-static Wrist Strap Wireless Monitoring System in a Smart Factory
Chapter 30. Enhanced Passcode Recognition Based on Press Force and Time Interval
Chapter 31. A Low-Costed Positioning System Based on Wearable Devices for Elders and Children in a Local Area
Chapter 32. PCA-KNN for Detection of NS1 from SERS Salivary Spectra
Chapter 33. Dynamic Modeling of the Czech Republic Population with a Focus on Alzheimer's Disease Patients
Chapter 34. Detection and Dynamical Tracking of Temperature Facial Distribution Caused by Alcohol Intoxication with Using of Modified OTSU Regional Segmentation
Chapter 35. Modelling and Objectification of Secondary X ray Irradiation on Skiagraphy Images in Clinical Conditions
Chapter 36. Framework for Effective Image Processing to Enhance Tuberculosis Diagnosis
Chapter 37. Multiregional Soft Segmentation Driven by Modified ABC Algorithm and Completed by Spatial Aggregation: Volumetric, Spatial Modelling and Features Extraction of Articular Cartilage Early Loss
Chapter 38. Pseudo-Relevance Feedback for Information Retrieval in Medicine Using Genetic Algorithms
Chapter 39. Analysis and Modelling of Heel Bone Fracture with Using of Active Contour Driven by Gaussian Energy and Features Extraction
Chapter 40. Automatic Detection and Classification of Brain Hemorrhages
Chapter 41. Rough Set Data Mining Algorithms and Pursuit Eye Movement Measurements Help to Predict Symptom Development in Parkinson's Disease
Chapter 42. Rules Determine Therapy-Dependent Relationship in Symptoms Development of Parkinson’s Disease Patients
Chapter 43. Vertebra Fracture Classification from 3D CT Lumbar Spine Segmentation Masks Using a Convolutional Neural Network
Chapter 44. Evaluation of Similarity Measuring Method of Human Body Movement Based on 3D Chain Code
Chapter 45. Analysis of Convolutional Neural Networks and Shape Features for Detection and Identification -1of Malaria Parasites on Thin Blood Smears
Chapter 46. Optical Flow for Collision Avoidance in Autonomous Cars
Chapter 47. Intelligent Video Monitoring System with the Functionality of Online Recognition of People's Behavior and Interactions Between People
Chapter 48. Satellite Image Classification Based Spatial-Spectral Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm
Chapter 49. Classification of Food Images through Interactive Image Segmentation
Chapter 50. A Multiresolution Approach for Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Wavelet Transform of Local Binary ...
Chapter 51. Large-Scale Face Image Retrieval System at Attribute Level Based on Facial Attribute Ontology and Deep Neuron Network
Chapter 52. Speed-Up 3D Human Pose Estimation Task Using Sub-spacing Approach
Chapter 53. Pedestrian Action Prediction Based on Deep Features Extraction of Human Posture and Traffic Scene
Chapter 54. Deep CNN and Data Augmentation for Skin Lesion Classification
Chapter 55. Stationary Object Detection for Vision-Based Smart Monitoring System
Chapter 56. CNN-Based Character Recognition for License Plate Recognition System
Chapter 57. Improving Traffic Signs Recognition Based Region Proposal and Deep Neural Networks
Chapter 58. A New Algorithm for Greyscale Objects Representation by Means of the Polar Transform and Vertical an ...
Chapter 59. A New Framework for People Counting from Coarse to Fine Could be Robust to Viewpoint and Illumination
Chapter 60. Automatic Measurement of Concrete Crack Width in 2D Multiple-phase Images for Building Safety Evaluation
Chapter 61. Community of Practice for Product Innovation Towards the Establishment of Industry 4.0
Chapter 62. Improving KPI Based Performance Analysis in Discrete, Multi-variant Production
Chapter 63. Estimation of the Number of Energy Consumption Profiles in the Case of Discreet Multi-variant Production
Chapter 64. Online Monitoring System of the Enrichment Factory Input Ore Flows Quality on the Base of Temporal Model
Chapter 65. Modeling of Position Control for Hydraulic Cylinder Using Servo Valve
Chapter 66. -1A Large Neighborhood Search Heuristic for the Cumulative Scheduling Problem with Time-Dependent Resource Availability
Chapter 67. Solving the Unrelated Machine Scheduling Problem with Additional Resources Using Constraint Programming

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  • Title: Intelligent Information and Database Systems: 10th Asian Conference, Part II
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