Intelligent Computing and Information and Communication: Proceedings of 2nd International Conference

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Intelligent Computing and Information and Communication: Proceedings of 2nd International Conference, ICICC 2017 (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing)

The volume presents high quality research papers presented at Second International Conference on Information and Communication Technology for Intelligent Systems (ICICC 2017). The conference was held during 2–4 August 2017, Pune, India and organized communally by Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune, India at MIT College of Engineering, Pune and supported by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). The volume contains research papers focused on ICT for intelligent computation, communications and audio, and video data .

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 35 W Gan Solid-State Driver Power Amplifier For L-Band Radar Applications
Chapter 2 Validation Of Open Core Protocol By Exploiting Using System Verilog And Uvm
Chapter 3 Cellular Automata Logic Block Observer Based Testing For Network-On-Chip Architecture
Chapter 4 Structural Strength Recognizing System With Efficient Clustering Technique
Chapter 5 Trajectory Outlier Detection For Traffic Events: A Survey
Chapter 6 A Privacy-Preserving Approach To Secure Location-Based Data
Chapter 7 Analysis Of Blind Image Watermarking Algorithms
Chapter 8 Clustmap: A Topology-Aware Mpi Process Placement Algorithm For Multi-Core Clusters
Chapter 9 Mobile Agent-Based Frequent Pattern Mining For Distributed Databases
Chapter 10 A Hybrid Approach For Preprocessing Of Imbalanced Data In Credit Scoring Systems
Chapter 11 Vision-Based Target Tracking Intelligent Robot Using Ni Myrio With Labview
Chapter 12 Detection Of Misbehaviors Nodes In Wireless Network With Help Of Pool Manager
Chapter 13 Evaluation Of Multi-Label Classifiers In Various Domains Using Decision Tree
Chapter 14 An Effective Multilabel Classification Using Feature Selection
Chapter 15 High-Performance Pipelined Fft Processor Based On Radix-22 For Ofdm Applications
Chapter 16 An Image Processing Approach To Blood Spatter Source Reconstruction
Chapter 17 Overlapping Character Recognition For Handwritten Text Using Discriminant Hidden Semi-Markov Model
Chapter 18 A Literature Survey On Authentication Using Behavioural Biometric Techniques
Chapter 19 Number System Oriented Text Steganography In English Language For Short Messages: A Decimal Approach
Chapter 20 Novel Robust Design For Reversible Code Converters And Binary Incrementer With Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
Chapter 21 Routing With Secure Alternate Path Selection For Limiting The Sink Relocation And Enhanced Network Lifetime
Chapter 22 Gene Presence And Absence In Genomic Big Data For Precision Medicine
Chapter 23 A Survey On Service Discovery Mechanism
Chapter 24 Analysis Of Multiple Features And Classifier Techniques Combination For Image Pattern Recognition
Chapter 25 Smart And Precision Polyhouse Farming Using Visible Light Communication And Internet Of Things
Chapter 26 Acceleration Of Cnn-Based Facial Emotion Detection Using Nvidia Gpu
Chapter 27 Research Issues For Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing
Chapter 28 Implementation Of Rest Api Automation For Interaction Center
Chapter 29 Predictive Analysis Of Products
Chapter 30 User Privacy And Empowerment: Trends, Challenges, And Opportunities
Chapter 31 Evolution Metrics For A Bpel Process
Chapter 32 Development Of Performance Testing Suite Using Apache Jmeter
Chapter 33 Characterizing Network Flows For Detecting Dns, Ntp, And Snmp Anomalies
Chapter 34 Periocular Region Based Biometric Identification Using The Local Descriptors
Chapter 35 Model-Based Design Approach For Software Verification Using Hardware-In-Loop Simulation
Chapter 36 Silhouette-Based Human Action Recognition By Embedding Hog And Pca Features
Chapter 37 Unified Algorithm For Melodic Music Similarity And Retrieval In Query By Humming
Chapter 38 Predict Stock Market Behavior: Role Of Machine Learning Algorithms
Chapter 39 Stability Of Local Information-Based Centrality Measurements Under Degree Preserving Randomizations
Chapter 40 Hybrid Solution For E-Toll Payment
Chapter 41 Enhancing Distributed Three Hop Routing Protocol In Hybrid Wireless Network Through Data Weight-Based Scheme
Chapter 42 Vlsi-Based Data Hiding With Transform Domain Module Using Fpga
Chapter 43 A Novel Approach Of Frequent Itemset Mining Using Hdfs Framework
Chapter 44 Issues Of Cryptographic Performance In Resource-Constrained Devices: An Experimental Study
Chapter 45 Assessment Of Object Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 46 Implementation Of Credit Card Fraud Detection System With Concept Drifts Adaptation
Chapter 47 Intelligent Traffic Control By Multi-Agent Cooperative Q Learning (Mcql)
Chapter 48 Digital Tokens: A Scheme For Enabling Trust Between Customers And Electronic Marketplaces
Chapter 49 Bmwa: A Novel Model For Behavior Mapping For Wormhole Adversary Node In Manet
Chapter 50 Awgn Suppression Algorithm In Emg Signals Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition
Chapter 51 Visible-Infrared Image Fusion Method Using Anisotropic Diffusion
Chapter 52 Fast Radial Harmonic Moments For Invariant Image Representation
Chapter 53 A Wide-Area Network Protection Method Using Pmus
Chapter 54 Analysis And Prediction Of The Effect Of Surya Namaskar On Pulse Of Different Prakruti Using Machine Learning
Chapter 55 Cognitive Depression Detection Methodology Using Eeg Analysis
Chapter 56 Biogas Monitoring System Using Ds18B20 Temperature Sensor And Mqtt Protocol
Chapter 57 Time-Efficient And Attack-Resistant Authentication Schemes In Vanet
Chapter 58 Inferring User Emotions From Keyboard And Mouse
Chapter 59 An Overview Of Automatic Speaker Verification System
Chapter 60 Topic Modeling On Online News Extraction
Chapter 61 Spam Mail Detection Using Classification Techniques And Global Set
Chapter 62 Smart Gesture Control For Home Automation Using Internet Of Things
Chapter 63 A Proposed Maturity Model For Himachal Pradesh Government E-Services
Chapter 64 Malaria Detection Using Improved Fuzzy Algorithm
Chapter 65 Feature Extraction Techniques Based On Human Auditory System
Chapter 66 Movie Recommendation System: Hybrid Information Filtering System
Chapter 67 Eco-Friendly Green Computing Approaches For Next-Generation Power Consumption
Chapter 68 Implementing Test Automation Framework Using Model-Based Testing Approach
Chapter 69 Improved Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting Approach
Chapter 70 The Hidden Truth Anonymity In Cyberspace: Deep Web
Chapter 71 Test Case Optimization And Prioritization Of Web Service Using Bacteriologic Algorithm

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  • Title: Intelligent Computing and Information and Communication: Proceedings of 2nd International Conference
  • Length: 747 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2018-02-17
  • ISBN-10: 9811072442
  • ISBN-13: 9789811072444

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