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How to Build an Online : Australia's Top Digital Disruptors Reveal Their Secrets for Launching and Growing an Online

The ultimate guide to launching and growing an online business

You’ve got a crazy , a hobby, a business or special expertise. You want to take it online, and you want to it be a money-making success. But what do you do next? Using a simple 5-step approach, best-selling author and digital specialist Bernadette Schwerdt uncovers the inside tips and tricks that Australia’s most successful online entrepreneurs use to build their multi-million dollar businesses.

For those just starting out, this book will help you identify the best business idea to pursue, guide you on how to set it up and give you the strategies to grow it quickly using low-cost tools. For those with existing businesses, you’ll learn how to maximise your online impact and access the little-known but powerful tools and technologies the top disruptors use to create a global presence.

Featuring dozens of case studies of how Australia’s most successful disruptors have done it, Bernadette reveals the underlying common to all successful online businesses – what they did right, what they did wrong, what they would do differently and the short cuts to building an online business that only the successful know. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop the entrepreneurial mindset needed to turn your passion, hobby or expertise into an online business
  • Access free tools and technologies to help you build and test your online idea (before launching) to ensure a viable market exists
  • Create a minimum viable product (MVP) that attracts attention and generates instant income
  • Source web developers, and other important suppliers for a fraction of the usual cost
  • Write, pitch, persuade and present like a professional to attract investors, customers and high-quality strategic partners
  • Understand the basics of the Internet of Things, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence and use these technologies to help your business create a point of difference
  • Work from home and set up your online business in just a few hours a week

Whether you are starting an online business or building on an existing one, How to Build an Online Business is your complete, how-to guide for making it a success.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Mindset How To Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset
Chapter 1 Mindset #1: Trust Your Crazy Ideas
Chapter 2 Mindset #2: Take Action
Chapter 3 Mindset #3: Look Ahead
Chapter 4 Mindset #4: Know What Business You’Re In
Chapter 5 Mindset #5: Know What Problem You’Re Solving

Part 2 Minimum Viable Product (Mvp) How To Create An Mvp To Launch Your Startup
Chapter 6 How To Come Up With A Great Business Idea
Chapter 7 What Is A Minimum Viable Product (Mvp)?
Chapter 8 Anatomy Of A Startup
Chapter 9 How To Bumble Your Way To Success

Part 3 Momentum How To Harness The Technical Tools To Build Your Online Business
Chapter 10 7 Questions To Ask Before You Build Your Online Business
Chapter 11 Open Access, Open Sesame!
Chapter 12 Marketplaces: Disrupting Legacy Industries
Chapter 13 Hacks Every Startup Should Know About
Chapter 14 How To Build An Information-Based Business

Part 4 Marketing How To Get Found, Get Traffic And Get Sales
Chapter 15 Content Marketing
Chapter 16 Social Influencer Marketing
Chapter 17 How To Write Great Headlines That Get Results
Chapter 18 How To Get On Page One Of G Oogle

Part 5 Motivation How To Pitch, Persuade And Influence Others To Do Business With You
Chapter 19 How To Source Media Coverage For Your Startup
Chapter 20 How To Pitch, Present And Persuade
Chapter 21 How To Prepare A Great Presentation

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  • Title: How to Build an Online Business
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  • Length: 296 pages
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  • Publication Date: 2018-02-20
  • ISBN-10: 0730345467
  • ISBN-13: 9780730345466

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