Handbook of Security and Networks

Book Description

This valuable handbook is a comprehensive compilation of state-of-art advances on security in computer networks. More than 40 internationally recognized authorities in the field of security and networks contribute articles in their areas of expertise. These international researchers and practitioners are from highly-respected universities, renowned research institutions and IT companies from all over the world. Each self-contained chapter covers one essential research topic on security in computer networks. Through the efforts of all the authors, all chapters are written in a uniformed style; each containing a comprehensive overview, the latest pioneering work and future research direction of a research topic.

Table of Contents

Part I: Overview Of Network Security
Chapter 1 Security In Data Networks
Chapter 2 Enabling Information Confidentiality In Publish/Subscribe Overlay Networks
Chapter 3 Security Enhancement Of Network Protocol Rfcs
Chapter 4 Authentication Of Scalable Multimedia Streams
Chapter 5 Explaining System Security Issues To Computer Professionals

Part II: Attacks On Networks
Chapter 6 Attacker Traceback In Multi-Hop Networks
Chapter 7 Detecting Dos Attacks And Service Violations In Qos-Enabled Networks

Part III: Key And Key Management
Chapter 8 Key Establishment — Secrecy, Authentication And Anonymity
Chapter 9 Detecting Misused Keys In Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 10 A Survey Of Key Revocation Schemes In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Part IV:
Chapter 11 Hardware Controlled Systematic Approach To Detect And Prevent Virus
Chapter 12 A Mathematical View Of Self-Replicating Malware
Chapter 13 Worm Propagation And Interaction In Mobile Networks
Chapter 14 Windows Rootkits A Game Of "Hide And Seek"
Chapter 15 An Overview Of Bot Army And Prospects

Part V: Latest Security-Related Topics On Computer Networking
Chapter 16 Performance Of Bridging Algorithms In Ieee 802.15.3 Multi-Piconet Networks
Chapter 17 Authentication And Billing For Wlan/Cellular Network Interworking
Chapter 18 Of Fault-Tolerant Virtual Backbones In Wireless Networks
Chapter 19 Service Iot For Rights Management (Drm)
Chapter 20 Patient Privacy In Healthcare Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 21 Security Implementation In Real Wireless Sensors: A Review

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