Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership

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Over the past decade, research and theory on heroism and heroic has greatly expanded, providing new insights on heroic . The Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership brings together new scholarship in this burgeoning field to build an important foundation for further multidisciplinary developments. In its three parts, "Origins of Heroism," "Types of Heroism," and "Processes of Heroism," distinguished social scientists and researchers explore topics such as morality, resilience, courage, empathy, meaning, altruism, spirituality, and transformation. This handbook provides a much-needed consolidation and synthesis for heroism and heroic leadership scholars and graduate students.

Table of Contents

PART I Origins of Heroism
Chapter 1 Attributes And Applications Of Heroes: A Brief History Of Lay And Academic Perspectives
Chapter 2 Why Heroism Exists: Evolutionary Perspectives On Extreme Helping
Chapter 3 Adaptive Foundations Of Heroism: Social Heuristics Push Advantageous Everyday Ethical Behavior To Heroic Extremes
Chapter 4 The Evolution And Of Heroism
Chapter 5 Character Development And The Emergence Of Heroic Leadership: Towards A Relational Developmental -Based Model
Chapter 6 The Moral Character Of Heroes
Chapter 7 Why And How Groups Create Moral Heroes
Chapter 8 The Hero Organism: Advancing The Embodiment Of Heroism Thesis In The Twenty-First Century

PART II Types of Heroism
Chapter 9 Everyday Heroes: Determinants Of Moral Courage
Chapter 10 Heroism In Times Of Crisis: Understanding Leadership During Extreme Events
Chapter 11 Holocaust Heroes: Heroic Altruism Of Non-Jewish Moral Exemplars In Nazi Europe
Chapter 12 Heroism And Wisdom In Medicine
Chapter 13 Deviant Heroes And Social Heroism In Everyday Life: Activists And
Chapter 14 To Become Or Not To Become? Existential Courage And The Quest For Identity
Chapter 15 Heroism In The Networked Society
Chapter 16 A Program In Spiritually Oriented Leadership: Inner Growth For Outer Change
Chapter 17 Career Development And A Sense Of Calling: Contexts For Heroism
Chapter 18 Underdogs As Heroes
Chapter 19 Whistleblowers As Heroes: Fostering “Quiet” Heroism In Place Of The Heroic Whistleblower Stereotype

PART III Processes of Heroism
Chapter 20 The Hero’S Transformation
Chapter 21 Moral Transformation: The Paths To Heroism, Villainy, And Victimhood
Chapter 22 The Impact Of Heroism On Heroes And Observers: Stories Of Elevation And Personal Change
Chapter 23 Accidental And Purposeful Impediments To Heroism
Chapter 24 Heroic Empathy: The Heart Of Leadership
Chapter 25 Heroic Leaders And Despotic Tyrants: How Power And Status Shape Leadership
Chapter 26 The Intersection Of Purpose And Heroism: A Study Of Exemplars
Chapter 27 Heroism And The Pursuit Of Meaning
Chapter 28 Psychopathy And Heroism: Unresolved Questions And Future Directions
Chapter 29 The Courage Of One’S Moral Convictions: Exploring The Two Sides Of Heroism

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  • Title: Handbook of Heroism and Heroic Leadership
  • Length: 594 pages
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  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2016-09-30
  • ISBN-10: 1138915653
  • ISBN-13: 9781138915657
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