Go! All in One: Computer Concepts and Applications

Book Description

Why should you consider GO! All In One: Computer Concepts and Applications ? Because it teaches computer concepts and applications together -the way it is in the real world!¿ It engages students right away by focusing on jobs and incorporating Web 2.0 in a logical way.

Take a look at GO! All In One and learn how you can put concepts into action through this unique, jobs-focused approach that integrates computer concepts and applications into practical combinations of concepts and skills in the context of a job. With this approach students learn how to work in the real world where they will solve problems using computer concepts and¿ skills related to the Internet, Microsoft Office applications, collaboration, social media, and .

Table of Contents

Unit 1 Computer History, Windows 7, Internet, and Social Media
Chapter 1 Concepts: Computer History, Fundamentals, and Operating Systems
Chapter 2 Applications: Use Windows 7 to Manage Files and Programs and to Browse the Internet
Chapter 3 Applications: Communicating and Networking with Outlook, Skype, Linkedln, and Squarespace

Unit 2 Computers, Privacy, Office Common Features, and Word
Chapter 4 Concepts: Computer Hardware, Privacy, and
Chapter 5 Applications: Windows Explorer File Management, Office Features, and Word Documents
Chapter 6 Applications: Resumes, Cover Letters, Research Papers, Newsletters, and Merged Address Labels with Word

Unit 3 Computer Hardware and Microsoft Excel
Chapter 7 Concepts: System Components, Input/Output Devices, and Storage Devices
Chapter 8 Applications: Excel Worksheets, Charts, Formulas, Functions, and Tables
Chapter 9 Applications: Excel Pie Charts, Line Charts, and What-lf Analysis Tools

Unit 4 Application and Productivity Software, Including Microsoft
Chapter 10 Concepts: Using Application Software as Productivity Tools
Chapter 11 Applications: PowerPoint Presentation Creation; Enhancing Presentations with Pictures, Transitions, Objects, Backgrounds, and SmartArt

Unit 5 The Internet, Web Apps, and Microsoft
Chapter 12 Concepts: The Internet and World Wide Web
Chapter 13 Applications: Create, Query, and Sort an Access Database; Create Forms and Reports
Chapter 14 Applications: Explore Cloud Computing Using Windows Live and Microsoft Office Web Apps

Unit 6 Networks, Communication, and Cloud Computing Applications
Chapter 15 Concepts: Computer Networks and Communication
Chapter 16 Applications: Cloud Computing with Docs and Microsoft OneNote

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