Getting Started with R: An introduction for biologists

Book Description

Learning how to get answers from data is an integral part of modern training in the natural, , social, and sciences. One of the most exciting changes in and analysis during the last decade has been the growth of open source software. The open source statistics and programming language R has emerged as a critical component of any researcher's toolbox. Indeed, R is rapidly becoming the standard software for analyses, presentations, and programming in the biological sciences.

This book provides a functional introduction for biologists new to R. While teaching how to import, explore, , and analyse data, it keeps readers focused on their ultimate goals - communicating their data in oral presentations, posters, papers, and reports. It also provides a consistent method (workflow) for using R that is simple, efficient, reliable, accurate, and reproducible. The material in the book reproduces the engaging and sometimes humorous nature of the three-day course on which it is based.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why R?
Chapter 2: Import, Explore, Graph I—Getting Started
Chapter 3: Import, Explore, Graph II—Importing and Exploring
Chapter 4: Import, Explore, Graph III—
Chapter 5: Doing your Statistics in R—Getting Started
Chapter 6: Final Comments and Encouragement
Appendix: References and Datasets

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