Game Programming using Qt 5.x Beginner’s Guide, 2nd Edition

Game Programming using Qt 5.x Beginner’s Guide, 2nd Edition Front Cover
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657 pages

Book Description

Programming using Qt 5.x Beginner's Guide - Second Edition: Design and build fun games with Qt and Qt Quick 2 using associated toolsets

If you are planning to learn about Qt and its associated toolsets to build apps and games, this book is a must have.

Key Features

  • Learn to create simple 2D (and complex 3D) graphics and games using all of Qt's tools and widgets available for
  • Get acquainted with a small yet powerful addition-the Qt Gamepad module that makes it possible to integrate gamepad support in C++ and QML applications
  • Delve into OpenGL and learn how it is used in Qt applications

Book Description

Qt is the leading cross-platform toolkit for all significant , , and embedded platforms and is becoming more popular by the day, especially on and embedded devices. It's a powerful tool that perfectly fits the needs of game developers. You only need to create your game once and deploy it on all major platforms such as iOS, Android, and WinRT, without changing a single source file. This book will help you learn the nitty-gritty of Qt and will equip you with the necessary toolsets to build apps and games.

The book begins with a brief introduction to creating an application and preparing a working environment for both desktop and mobile platforms. You will learn how to use built-in Qt widgets and Form Editor to create a classic GUI application. You'll then explore the basics of creating graphical interfaces and Qt's core concepts (data processing and display) that will help you create high-performance games.

As you progress through the chapters, you'll learn to enrich your games by implementing network connectivity and employing scripting. You will learn about Qt's capabilities for handling strings and files, data storage, and serialization.

Moving on, you will also learn about the new Qt Gamepad module and how to add it in your game. You'll then delve into OpenGL, and how it can be used in Qt applications to implement hardware-accelerated 2D and . You will then explore various facets of Qt Quick: how it can be used in games to add game logic and design animations, add game physics, and build astonishing UIs for your games.

By the end of this book, you will have developed the skillset to develop interesting games with Qt.

What you will learn

  • Install the latest version of Qt on your system
  • Understand the basic concepts of every Qt game and application
  • Develop 2D object-oriented graphics using Qt Graphics View
  • Build multiplayer games or add a chat function to your games with Qt Network module
  • Script your game with Qt QML
  • Explore the Qt Gamepad module in order to integrate gamepad support in C++ and QML applications
  • Program resolution-independent and fluid UIs using QML and Qt Quick
  • Control your game flow in line with mobile device sensors
  • Test and debug your game easily with Qt Creator and Qt Test

Who This Book Is For

If you want to create great graphical and astonishing games with Qt, this book is ideal for you. No previous knowledge of Qt is required; however knowledge of C++ is mandatory.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Qt
Chapter 2. Installation
Chapter 3. Qt GUI Programming
Chapter 4. Custom 2D Graphics with Graphics View
Chapter 5. Animations in Graphics View
Chapter 6. Qt Core Essentials
Chapter 7. Networking
Chapter 8. Custom Widgets
Chapter 9. OpenGL and Vulkan in Qt applications
Chapter 10. Scripting
Chapter 11. Introduction to Qt Quick
Chapter 12. Customization in Qt Quick
Chapter 13. Animations in Qt Quick Games
Chapter 14. Advanced Visual Effects in Qt Quick
Chapter 15. 3D Graphics with Qt
Chapter 16. Pop quiz answers

Book Details

  • Title: Game Programming using Qt 5.x Beginner’s Guide, 2nd Edition
  • Author:
  • Length: 657 pages
  • Edition: 2nd Revised edition
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2018-09-11
  • ISBN-10: 1788399994
  • ISBN-13: 9781788399999