Fundamentals of IOS 8: With iPhone 6

Book Description

Learn to use your the fundamentals of iOS 8 the easy way, no jargon. Clear, concise and to the point...

iOS 8 is the latest release of 's and run on some cool little devices, and are widely used by both beginners and experienced users.

This book explores

  • New features of IOS 8
  • Setting up your iPhone
  • Setting up and connecting to WiFi,
  • Setting yourself up with and Apple IDs
  • A tour of the , icons and menus
  • Mastering multi touch gestures,
  • Organising your favourite photos,
  • Buying, organising and listening to music,
  • Using maps to get directions,
  • Browsing the internet with confidence and safety,
  • Chatting to friends with FaceTime
  • and more...

Techniques are illustrated step-by-step using and screen prints throughout, together with concise, easy to follow text from an established expert in the field, provide a guide to iOS 8.

Whether you have just bought your first tablet or are a keen iPhone user, this book will provide you with a firm grasp of the underpinning foundations and equip you with the skills needed to use iOS effectively and productively.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Setting up your iPhone 6
Chapter 2. Getting to Know IOS8
Chapter 3. Using your iPhone 6
Chapter 4. Installing iOS 8
Chapter 5. iOS 8 Settings

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