Free The Animal: Lose Weight & Fat With The Paleo Diet

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Drawing on evolutionary , research, and his own personal experiences, blogger Richard Nikoley of Free the Animal ( presents a complete guide to losing weight and fat the natural way.

After many frustrating years of trying to lose weight by adhering to mainstream nutritional guidelines, Richard made a radical decision to throw the rules out. Instead of eating whole grains and meat, he ate what his body had always craved: animal fat, and lots of it—and the extra weight started falling away.

In Free The Animal: How To Lose Weight & Fat On The Paleo Diet, Richard shares his tips for eating, fasting, and exercising as wild humans did for millenia. Find out how to embrace your primal cravings for nutritionally dense animal fats and fiber-rich plant sources. Learn to stop listening to the “experts” and start tuning in to your body's natural signals. Richard's approach to the Paleo lifestyle will help you lose fat, gain muscle, and unleash the energy of the animal inside you.


  • Introduction
    • The Popularity of the "Primitive Diet"
  • Chapter 1: The Paleo, Primal, Ancestral Lifestyle
    • Escape From the Processed Food Culture The Paleo Way
    • 6 Points To A Paleo Solution
  • Chapter 2: Your Inner Animal
    • Eating Like Our Ancestors
  • Chapter 3: The Standard American Diet And Other Diet Disasters
    • Modern Day Diets Are Health Hazards
    • The Advent Of Agriculture
    • It’s Time To Look Out For Your Own Best Interests
    • What About Vegetarianism and Veganism?
  • Chapter 4: Fat Is King
    • Fat As The ‘Good Guy’
    • Saturated Fat Is Good For You!
  • Chapter 5: The Cholesterol Con
    • Challenging Mainstream Assumptions
    • Myths About Cholesterol
    • Listen To Your Body, Not The Numbers
  • Chapter 6: Natural Disease Prevention
    • Paleo Power: Preventing Allergies, Diabetes, & Cancer
    • The Role Of Vitamin D: Are You A Fish Out Of Water?
    • Activator X, AKA: Vitamin K2, Menatetrenone
  • Chapter 7: Eat Like A Caveman
    • What I Mean By Real Food
    • How To Paleo
    • What do “Six-Pack Abs” “Enhanced Sexual ” and “Penis Enlargement” All Have In Common?
  • Chapter 8: The Power of Fasting
    • Intermittent Fasting & Debunking “Several Small Meals A Day”
    • Fasting Changes Your Appetite: Where To Get Started
    • Fasting For Cleansing: Autophagy
  • Chapter 9: Evolutionary Exercise And Fitness
    • The 1-Hour Per Week Workout Regimen
  • Chapter 10: A Primal Weight Loss Plan
    • Weight Loss Regimen With The Paleo Plan
  • Chapter 11: Recipes And Supplements
    • Recipes to Complement The Paleo Diet
    • Paleo Diet Recommended Supplements
    • Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
  • Chapter 12: Success Stories
    • Paleo Diet Testimonials
    • Live Well
  • About The Blog
    • Free The Animal

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  • Title: Free The Animal: Lose Weight & Fat With The Paleo Diet
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  • Length: 112 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2012-01-19
  • ISBN-10: 1614640211
  • ISBN-13: 9781614640219