Fifty Years of Fuzzy Logic and its Applications

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This book presents a comprehensive report on the evolution of Fuzzy Logic since its formulation in Lotfi Zadeh’s seminal paper on “fuzzy sets,” published in 1965. In addition, it features a stimulating sampling from the broad field of research and development inspired by Zadeh’s paper. The chapters, written by pioneers and prominent scholars in the field, show how fuzzy sets have been successfully applied to artificial intelligence, control theory, inference, and reasoning. The book also reports on theoretical issues; features recent applications of Fuzzy Logic in the fields of neural networks, clustering, and software testing; and highlights an important paradigm shift caused by Fuzzy Logic in the area of uncertainty management. Conceived by the editors as an academic celebration of the fifty years’ anniversary of the 1965 paper, this work is a must-have for students and researchers willing to get an inspiring picture of the potentialities, limitations, achievements and accomplishments of Fuzzy Logic-based systems.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Toward A Restriction-Centered Theory Of Truth And Meaning (Rct)
Chapter 2 Functional Solution Of The Knowledge Level Control Problem: The Principles Of Fuzzy Logic Rules And Linguistic Variables
Chapter 3 Learning Systems With Fuzzy
Chapter 4 Fuzzy Modifiers At The Core Of Interpretable Fuzzy Systems
Chapter 5 Human And Machine Intelligence --- Between Fuzzy Logic And Daoist Thought
Chapter 6 Developing Fuzzy State Models As Markov Chain Models With Fuzzy Encoding
Chapter 7 Incremental Granular Fuzzy Using Imprecise Data Streams
Chapter 8 Fuzzy Measures And Integrals: Recent Developments
Chapter 9 Important New Terms And Classifications In Uncertainty And Fuzzy Logic
Chapter 10 Formalization And Of Kansei Information Based On Fuzzy Set Approach
Chapter 11 Cognitive Informatics: A Proper Framework For The Use Of Fuzzy Dynamic Programming For The Modeling Of Regional Development?
Chapter 12 On Discord Between Expected And Actual Developments In Applications Of Fuzzy Logic During Its First Fifty Years
Chapter 13 Meta-Heuristic Optimization Of A Fuzzy Character Recognizer
Chapter 14 Additive Fuzzy Systems As Generalized Probability Mixture Models
Chapter 15 Fuzzy Information Retrieval Systems: A Historical Perspective
Chapter 16 Is The World Itself Fuzzy? Physical Arguments And Unexpected Computational Consequences Of Zadeh'S Vision
Chapter 17 Handling Noise And Outliers In Fuzzy Clustering
Chapter 18 A Fuzzy-Based Approach To Survival Data Mining
Chapter 19 Knowledge Extraction From Support Vector Machines: A Fuzzy Logic Approach
Chapter 20 On Type-Reduction Versus Direct Defuzzification For Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
Chapter 21 On Fuzzy Theory For Econometrics
Chapter 22 On Z-Numbers And The Machine-Mind For Natural Language Comprehension
Chapter 23 Evolutionary Reduction Of Fuzzy Rule-Based Models
Chapter 24 Geospatial Uncertainty Representation: Fuzzy And Rough Set Approaches
Chapter 25 How To Efficiently Diagnose And Repair Fuzzy Queries That Fail
Chapter 26 The Web, Similarity, And Fuzziness
Chapter 27 The Genesis Of Fuzzy Sets And Systems -- Aspects In Science And Philosophy
Chapter 28 Fuzzy Logic In Speech - Introductory And Overviewing Glimpses
Chapter 29 Fuzzy Sets: Towards The Domestication Of Imprecision
Chapter 30 Type 1 And Full Type 2 Fuzzy System Models
Chapter 31 Complex Fuzzy Sets And Complex Fuzzy Logic An Overview Of Theory And Applications

Book Details

  • Title: Fifty Years of Fuzzy Logic and its Applications
  • Length: 684 pages
  • Edition: 2015
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2015-05-24
  • ISBN-10: 3319196820
  • ISBN-13: 9783319196824
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