Expert Android Programming: Master skills to build enterprise grade Android applications

Expert Android Programming: Master skills to build enterprise grade Android applications Front Cover
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Book Description

Key Features

  • Dive deep into Android development with practical hands on examples to help you in each stage.
  • Develop smart professional grade apps for the latest Android N version and become a pro android developer.
  • Unclog your development highway by utilising the industry standard best practices techniques.

Book Description

Android O brings a number of important changes for the users as well as the developers. If you want to create smart android applications which are fast, lightweight and also highly efficient then this is the book that will solve all your problems.

You will create a complex enterprise grade app in this book. You will get a quick refresher of the latest android SDK and how to configure your development environment. Then you will move onto creating app layouts, component and module building, creating smart and efficient UIs. The most important part of a modern day app is how real time they are. With this book, you will create a smooth back-end for your app, ensure dynamic and real time communication between different app layers. As we move on, you will learn to leverage the different Android APIs and create an efficient data layer for your apps. You will implement effective testing techniques to make your app reliable and robust and finally you will learn to deploy it efficiently. The multiple stages of android development will also be simplified by giving you an industry standard set of best practices.

What you will learn

  • Building UI/UX following best industry practices
  • Development of Zomato Clone
  • Measure and improve app performance
  • Improving app using test mechanisms
  • Bringing the app live on the play store

About the Author

Prajyot Mainkar has been consultant for labs startups and himself an android developer over 5 years of experience in android and more than 8 years in IT. He has been mentor for various app building strategy and initiatives around India and he is experimental with his approach, hard working and more so, a passionate professional. He works with a team of developers from Goa, India named as Androcid Media.

Androcid Media Pvt. Ltd is a company that works primarily in the development of Android applications and Content (CMS). We at Androcid are extremely passionate about Android and try to provide the best IT Solutions to drive our client's business towards higher profits.

Androcid also runs an Android centric portal, called Androcid. The portal publishes everything that is related to Android across the globe and also allows developers to showcase their apps on this platform. We believe in sharing all the knowledge that we have in the field of Android and spread our love for this technology.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Understanding the Gradle System
Chapter 2. Exploring Android Studio Developer Tools
Chapter 3. Leap into the Android Support Library
Chapter 4. Google Play Services
Chapter 5. Material Design
Chapter 6. SOLID Android Development and Its Design Principles
Chapter 7. Understanding MVC, MVP, MVVM and Clean Arch Patterns
Chapter 8. Decision Making
Chapter 9. Performance Matters
Chapter 10. Building Restaurant finder
Chapter 11. Backend Service
Chapter 12. App Quality Service
Chapter 13. Grow Up
Chapter 14. Testing
Chapter 15. Preparing for Google Play
Chapter 16. Understanding App Store Analytics for Optimization

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  • Title: Expert Android Programming: Master skills to build enterprise grade Android applications
  • Author:
  • Length: 404 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2017-09-29
  • ISBN-10: 1786468956
  • ISBN-13: 9781786468956