Excel 2013 On Demand

Book Description

Excel 2013 On Demand is built from the ground up for today's beginning-to-intermediate-level Exceluser. Like every book in the On Demand Series, it teaches visually, using an easy, friendly, full-color format designed to "show you how," instead of "telling you how." But that's not all. This book:

  • Combines step-by-step with quick-reference material users can rely on long after they've mastered the core skills they need
  • Provides easy-to-follow task-based coverage of the techniques you'll use most often, presenting most tasks in just one or two pages
  • Offers in-depth coverage of all new MOS (Microsoft Specialist) exam objectives, so you can use it as a to enhance your job prospects or current career
  • Provides additional end-of-chapter workshops, plus even more hands-on online
  • Includes a complete practical troubleshooting guide
  • Helps you upgrade by presenting New Feature icons, plus a detailed list of new features indexed to the pages where they're covered┬áSimply put, no other book offers beginning-to-intermediate-level Excelusers this much simplicity, usable content, flexibility, and value.

Table of Contents

1 Getting Started with Excel
2 Basic Workbook Skills
3 Working with Formulas and
4 Modifying Worksheets and Workbooks
5 Formatting a Worksheet
6 Viewing and Printing Worksheets and Workbooks
7 Inserting and Modifying
8 Drawing and Modifying Shapes
9 Creating and Modifying Charts
10 Analyzing Worksheet Data
11 Building More Powerful Worksheets
12 Protecting and Securing a Workbook
13 Reviewing and Sharing Workbook Data
14 Publishing Workbook Data as Web Pages
15 Tools for Working More Efficiently
16 Expanding Excel Functionality
17 Working Online with Office Documents

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