Essentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment, 9th Edition

Book Description

This text offers complete coverage of and its environment in a non-technical, straightforward, and student-friendly style. Cases are summarized by the authors and integrated throughout chapters. Legal issues and court decisions are carefully explained with a minimum of legal jargon. The text covers all required topics for the CPA exam.

Table of Contents

PART I Introduction to and Ethics
Chapter 1 Introduction to Law
Chapter 2 Business Ethics

PART II The Legal Environment of Business
Chapter 3 Civil Dispute Resolution
Chapter 4 Constitutional Law
Chapter 5 Administrative Law
Chapter 6 Criminal Law
Chapter 7 Intentional Torts
Chapter 8 Negligence and Strict Liability

PART III Contracts
Chapter 9 Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 10 Mutual Assent
Chapter 11 Conduct Invalidating Assent
Chapter 12 Consideration
Chapter 13 Illegal Bargains
Chapter 14 Contractual Capacity
Chapter 15 Contracts in
Chapter 16 Third Parties to Contracts
Chapter 17 Performance, Breach, and Discharge
Chapter 18 Contract Remedies

Chapter 19 Introduction to Sales and Leases
Chapter 20 Performance
Chapter 21 Transfer of Title and of Loss
Chapter 22 Product Liability: Warranties and Strict Liability
Chapter 23 Sales Remedies

PART V Negotiable Instruments
Chapter 24 Form and Content
Chapter 25 Transfer
Chapter 26 Holder in Due Course
Chapter 27 Liability of Parties
Chapter 28 Bank Deposits, Collections, and Funds Transfers

PART VI Agency
Chapter 29 Relationship of Principal and Agent
Chapter 30 Relationship with Third Parties

PART VII Business Associations
Chapter 31 Formation and Internal Relations of General Partnerships
Chapter 32 Operation and Dissolution of General Partnerships
Chapter 33 Limited Partnerships and Limited Liabili
Chapter Companies
Chapter 34 Nature and Formation of Corporations
Chapter 35 Financial Structure of Corporations
Chapter 36 Structure of Corporations
Chapter 37 Fundamental Changes of Corporations

PART VIII Debtor and Creditor Relations
Chapter 38 Secured Transactions and Suretyship
Chapter 39 Bankruptcy

PART IX Chapter Regulation of Business
Chapter 40 Securities Regulation
Chapter 41 Intellectual Property
Chapter 42 Employment Law
Chapter 43 Antitrust
Chapter 44 Accountants’ Legal Liability
Chapter 45 Consumer Protection
Chapter 46 Environmental Law
Chapter 47 International Business Law
Chapter 48 CyberLaw

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