Enterprise Analytics

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The Definitive Guide to Enterprise-Level Analytics Strategy, Technology, Implementation, and

Organizations are capturing exponentially larger amounts of data than ever, and now they have to figure out what to do with it. Using analytics, you can harness this data, discover hidden patterns, and use this knowledge to act meaningfully for competitive advantage. Suddenly, you can go beyond understanding “how, when, and where” events have occurred, to understand why – and use this knowledge to reshape the future. Now, analytics pioneer Tom Davenport and the world-renowned experts at the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) have brought together the latest techniques, best practices, and research on analytics in a single primer for maximizing the value of enterprise data. Enterprise Analytics is today’s definitive guide to analytics strategy, planning, , implementation, and usage. It covers everything from building better analytics organizations to gathering data; implementing to linking analysis with organizational . The authors offer specific insights for optimizing supply chains, online services, marketing, fraud detection, and many other business functions. They support their powerful techniques with many real-world examples, including chapter-length case studies from healthcare, retail, and financial services. Enterprise Analytics will be an invaluable resource for every business and technical professional who wants to make better data-driven decisions: operations, supply chain, and product managers; product, financial, and marketing analysts; CIOs and other IT leaders; data, web, and specialists, and many others.

Table of Contents

Part I Overview of Analytics and Their Value
Chapter 1 What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Analytics?
Chapter 2 The Return on Investments in Analytics

Part II Application of Analytics
Chapter 3 Leveraging Proprietary Data for Analytical Advantage
Chapter 4 Analytics on Web Data: The Original Big Data
Chapter 5 The Analytics of Online Engagement
Chapter 6 The Path to “Next Best Offers” for Retail Customers

Part III Technologies for Analytics
Chapter 7 Applying Analytics at Production Scale
Chapter 8 Predictive Analytics in the Cloud
Chapter 9 Analytical Technology and the Business User
Chapter 10 Linking Decisions and Analytics for Organizational Performance

Part IV The Human Side of Analytics
Chapter 11 Organizing Analysts
Chapter 12 Engaging Analytical Talent
Chapter 13 Governance for Analytics
Chapter 14 Building a Global Analytical Capability

Part V Case Studies in the Use of Analytics
Chapter 15 Partners HealthCare System
Chapter 16 Analytics in the Function at Sears Holding Corporation
Chapter 17 Commercial Analytics Culture and Relationships at Merck
Chapter 18 Descriptive Analytics for the Supply Chain at Bernard Chaus, Inc.

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