Engineered Concrete, 2nd Edition

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As every civil knows, Portland Cement is the most versatile and important material of construction, and will probably remain so far into the future. Yet few books, if any, exist that offer an in-depth of the mixing and methods of this vital hydraulic cement. This statement, written about the first edition of Engineered Concrete: Mix and Test Methods, remains as true today as it was ten years ago. Revised and updated, the second edition of this groundbreaking resource completely covers Portland Cement, Portland Cement Concrete, and their uses.

See what’s new in the Second Edition:

  • New coverage of the latest concrete technologies such as high- and concrete
  • Several new tests and sample tearsheets
  • Additional and updated data sheets

The body of the book is divided into several sections, with the first explaining how concrete batches are designed, mixed, and measured for various consistencies. Another section details the tests of the primary component materials of concrete other than water—namely Portland Cement, aggregates, and mortar—while the final section includes some of the fundamental concrete testing procedures for different strength parameters in conformity with the standards of the American Society for Testing Materials. Solidly researched and written, the book supplies a fundamental understanding of cement, concrete, and mixing and testing methods that allow readers to produce the most economical combinations of concrete materials and satisfy performance requirements and specifications.

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  • Title: Engineered Concrete, 2nd Edition
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  • Length: 246 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2009-12-23
  • ISBN-10: 1420091018
  • ISBN-13: 9781420091014