Encyclopedia of Physics Research, 3 Volumes Set

Book Description

This book presents current research in the field of physics, with a particular focus on atomic molecular and optical physics, as well as cryogenics and photonic crystals. Topics discussed include pulse structuring in laser-light dynamics; excitation of atoms and ions by electron impact; Fiber Bragg Gratings and their applications as temperature and humidity sensors; liquid oxygen magnetohydrodynamics; cryogenic treatment and fatigue resistance; cryogenic grinding; fabrication and applications of polymer photonic crystals; physics of photonic crystal couplers and their applications and a photonic band gap for quasicrystal-related structures.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Pulse Structuring In Laser-Light Dynamics: From Weak To Strong Side Band Analyses; I. The Integro-Differential“Maxwell-Bloch” System
Chapter 2: Pulse Structuring In Laser-Light Dynamics: From Weak To Strong Sideband Analyses;Ii. The Lorenz-Haken Model
Chapter 3: Rydberg Atoms, Molecules, Ionization,Radiation Trapping And Surface Physicsin Laser Excited Dense Vapoursof In And Ga Confined In Quartz Cells
Chapter 4: Excitation Of Atoms And Ionsby Electron Impact
Chapter 5: Polarization Dependent Effectsin Optical Waveguides Containingbragg Grating Structures
Chapter 6: Fiber Bragg Gratings And Their Applicationsas Temperature And Humidity Sensors
Chapter 7: Time-Variant Encryption By Dualrandom Phase Encoding Setups Appliedto Fiber Optic Links
Chapter 8: Magnetism In Pure And Dopedmanganese Clusters
Chapter 9: Porous Silica For Solid-Stateoptical Devices
Chapter 10: Pump To Signal Relative Intensity Noisetransfer In Optical Amplifiers And Lasers
Chapter 11: Information Processing By Cavityqed Under Dissipation
Chapter 12: High Harmonic Generation From Molecular Systems Inexcited States
Chapter 13: Universal Dynamical Decoherence Controlof Multi-Partite Systems
Chapter 14: Control Of The Sonic Boomgenerated By A Flying Vehicle By Meansof A Cryogenic Impact On The Flow Process
Chapter 15: Liquid Oxygen Magnetohydrodynamics
Chapter 16: Effect Of Cryogenic Treatmenton Microstructure And Mechanicalproperties Of Light Weight Alloys
Chapter 17: Cryogenic Treatment And Fatigue Resistance
Chapter 18: Application Of Fiber Bragg Gratingsensors At Cryogenic Temperatures
Chapter 19: Cryogenic Grinding: Application For Structural Modification And Formulationdevelopment Of Drug Molecules
Chapter 20: Improvements In Tolerance Tocryopreservation Using Shoot-Tipsof Chrysanthemum (Dendranthemagrandiflorum Kitam.) From Geneticallymodified Plants That Accumulate Trehalose
Chapter 21: Cryogenics Vessels Thermal Profilingusing The Boubaker Polynomialsexpansion Scheme Bpes Investigation
Chapter 22: Fabrication And Applications Of Polymer Photonic Crystals
Chapter 23: Achieving Complete Band Using Low Refractive Index Material
Chapter 24: Photonic Crystalsfor Applications
Chapter 25: Physics Of Photonic Crystal Couplers And Their Applications
Chapter 26: A Photonic Band Gapin Quasicrystal-Related Structures
Chapter 27: Spectrum Engineeringwith One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal
Chapter 28: Transmission Through Kerr Media Barrierswithin Waveguides: Device Applications
Chapter 29: Influence Of The Solid-Liquid Adhesionon The Self-Assembling Propertiesof Colloidal Particles
Chapter 30: Optical Logic Gate Based In A Photonic Crystal
Chapter 31: Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals Withglide-Plane Symmetry For Integratedphotonics Applicationsadam Mock
Chapter 32: Nonlinear Photonic Crystalsof Strontium Tetraborate
Chapter 33: Optical Properties Of Self-Assembledcolloidal Photonic Crystals Dopedwith Citrate-Capped Gold Nanoparticles
Chapter 34: Representationof The Group Index In A Photonic Crystal

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