DevOps: Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes

Book Description

Get hands-on recipes to automate and manage Linux containers with the Docker 1.6 environment and jump-start your Puppet development

About This Book

  • Successfully deploy DevOps with proven solutions and recipes
  • Automate your infrastructure with Puppet and combine powerful DevOps methods
  • Deploy and manage highly scalable applications using Kubernetes
  • streamline the way you manage your applications

Who This Book Is For

This Learning Path is for developers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers who want to use Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes in their development, QA, or production environments. This Learning Path assumes experience with Linux administration and requires some experience with command-line usage and basic text file editing.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how to build high availability Kubernetes clusters
  • Deal with inherent issues with container virtualization and container concepts
  • Create services with Docker to enable the swift development and deployment of applications
  • Make optimum use of Docker in a environment
  • Create efficient manifests to streamline your deployments
  • Automate Puppet master deployment using hooks, r10k, and PuppetDB

In Detail

With so many IT and DevOps tools on the market, both and commercial, it's difficult to know where to start. DevOps is incredibly powerful when implemented correctly, and here's how to get it done.This Learning Path covers three broad areas: Puppet, Docker, and Kubernetes. This Learning Path is a large resource of recipes to ease your daily DevOps tasks. We begin with recipes that help you develop a complete and expert understanding of Puppet's latest and most advanced features. Then we provide recipes that help you efficiently work with the Docker environment. Finally, we show you how to better manage containers in different scenarios in production using Kubernetes.

This course is based on these books:

  • Puppet Cookbook, Third Edition
  • Docker Cookbook
  • Kubernetes Cookbook

Style and approach

This easy-to-follow tutorial-style guide teaches you precisely how to configure complex systems in Puppet and manage your containers using Kubernetes.

Table of Contents

1. Module 1
1. Puppet Language and Style
2. Puppet Infrastructure
3. Better Manifests
4. Working with Files and Packages
5. Users and Virtual Resources
6. Managing Resources and Files
7. Managing Applications
8. Internode Coordination
9. External Tools and the Puppet Ecosystem
10. Monitoring, Reporting, and Troubleshooting

2. Module 2
1. Introduction and Installation
2. Working with Docker Containers
3. Working with Docker Images
4. Network and for Containers
5. Docker Use Cases
6. Docker APIs and Language Bindings
7. Docker Performance
8. Docker Orchestration and Hosting Platforms
9. Docker Security
10. Getting Help and Tips and Tricks

3. Module 3
1. Building Your Own Kubernetes
2. Walking through Kubernetes Concepts
3. Playing with Containers
4. Building a High Availability Cluster
5. Building a Continuous Delivery Pipeline
6. Building Kubernetes on AWS
7. Advanced Cluster Administration
8. Logging and Monitoring

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