Design Principles for Process-driven Architectures Using Oracle BPM and SOA Suite 12c

Book Description

A design handbook to orchestrate and manage flexible process-driven systems with BPM and SOA Suite 12c

About This Book

  • Learn key to model business processes with BPMN and BPEL, and execute them in an SOA environment.
  • Use best practices for composite applications, including service design and human interactions, and apply them in your daily projects.
  • Design, implement, and optimize business processes with real-world examples illustrating all key concepts

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for BPM and SOA architects, analysts, developers, and project managers who are responsible for, or involved in, business process development, modelling, monitoring, or the implementation of composite, process-oriented applications. The principles are relevant for the design of on-premise and cloud solutions.

What You Will Learn

  • Design principles to model business processes and business architectures
  • Best practices to produce executable business processes in BPMN
  • Principles when designing reusable services and composite applications
  • Advanced approaches to human interactions in business processes, including and Adaptive Case Management
  • Business rules management and principles for rule design and implementation, including using rules in BPMN and BPEL processes
  • Prepare process applications for mobile and multichannel/omnichannel
  • Explore the best practices and principles of Business Activity Monitoring to define and monitor Key Performance Indicators
  • Extend the processes to Internet of Things devices and processing complex events

In Detail

This book is a design handbook and provides skills to successfully design, implement, and optimize business processes on top of SOA. Starting with business process , it shows design principles to architect sound process architectures. It presents best practices for business processes using BPMN, together with design principles for services and composite applications. It provides detailed coverage of how to prepare business processes for execution. An in-depth explanation of human interactions is given and also principles and best practices for using rules.

Moving on, Adaptive Case Management principles are explained, along with the reach of business processes to and ensuring multichannel interactions. Business activity monitoring, -driven architectures, complex processing in relation to business processes, and enabling integration with events and IoT devices are explained. The design principles and best practices are demonstrated in a practical way on a rental car use case.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Business Process Management, Service-oriented Architecture, and Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 2. Modeling Business Processes for SOA – Methodology
Chapter 3. BPMN for Business Process Modeling
Chapter 4. Process-driven Service Design
Chapter 5. Composite Applications
Chapter 6. Process Execution with BPMN and BPEL
Chapter 7. Human Interaction with Business Processes
Chapter 8. Business Rules
Chapter 9. Adaptive Case Management
Chapter 10. Mobile and Multichannel
Chapter 11. Event Processing and BPM
Chapter 12. Business Activity Monitoring

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