Data Storage at the Nanoscale: Advances and Applications

Data Storage at the Nanoscale: Advances and Applications Front Cover
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In the big data era, data storage is one of the cores in the whole chain, which includes production, transfer, sharing, and finally . Over the years, the growth of data volume has been explosive. Today, various storage services need memories with higher density and capacity. Moreover, information storage in the big data applications should be green, safe, and long life. The storage density of memories was largely enhanced in recent years because of the rapid development of nanotechnology. The minimum feature size of , magnetic, and electrical memories is already at the nanometer scale. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary cooperation of nanotechnology can facilitate the development of data storage to achieve higher operation speed, lower power consumption, and increased retention time. This book compiles the cutting-edge research progress of nanometer-scale data storage. The main topics covered include memory, random memory, magnetic memory, and hybrid memory. The text emphasizes more practical methods for data storage development and applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of Information Data Storage: An Introduction
Chapter 2: Super-Resolution Optical Data Storage Using Binary Optics
Chapter 3: Focal Spot Engineering for Bit-by-Bit Recording
Chapter 4: Plasmonic Nanofocusing and Data Storage
Chapter 5: Nano-Optical Data Storage with Nonlinear Super-Resolution Thin Films
Chapter 6: Mastering Technology for High-Density Optical Disc
Chapter 7: Laser-Induced Phase Transition and Its Application in Nano-Optical Storage
Chapter 8: SPIN-Based Optical Data Storage
Chapter 9: Magnetic Random Access Memory
Chapter 10: RRAM Device and
Chapter 11: Phase-Change Random Access Memory
Chapter 12: Nano-DRAM Technology for Data Storage Application
Chapter 13: Ferroelectric Memory
Chapter 14: Nanomagnetic and Hybrid Information Storage

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  • Title: Data Storage at the Nanoscale: Advances and Applications
  • Length: 740 pages
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  • Publication Date: 2015-02-09
  • ISBN-10: 9814613193
  • ISBN-13: 9789814613194