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and Security: Third International Conference, ICCCS 2017, Nanjing, China, June 16-18, 2017, Revised Selected Papers, Part II (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

This two volume set LNCS 10602 and LNCS 10603 constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the Third International Conference on Cloud Computing and Security, ICCCS 2017, held in Nanjing, China, in June 2017.

The 116 full papers and 11 short papers of these volumes were carefully  reviewed and selected from 391 submissions. The papers are organized in  topical sections such as: information hiding; cloud computing;  IOT applications; information security; applications; optimization  and classification.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Practical Privacy-Preserving Outsourcing of Large-Scale Determinant Computation in the Cloud
Chapter 2. Probability-p Order-Preserving Encryption
Chapter 3. DLPDS: Learning Users’ Information Sharing Behaviors for Privacy Default Setting in Recommender System
Chapter 4. New Construction of Low-Hit-Zone Frequency Hopping Sequence Sets with Optimal Partial Hamming Correlation
Chapter 5. Detecting and Preventing DDoS Attacks in SDN-Based Data Center Networks
Chapter 6. Bayesian Game Based Pseudo Honeypot Model in Social Networks
Chapter 7. Conducting Correlated Laplace Mechanism for Differential Privacy
Chapter 8. A Symmetric Authenticated Proxy Re-encryption Scheme with Provable Security
Chapter 9. Quantum Secret Sharing in Noisy Environment
Chapter 10. SimHash-Based Similar Neighbor Finding for Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Service Recommendation
Chapter 11. Universally Composable Three-Party Password Authenticated Key Exchange
Chapter 12. A High-Capacity Quantum Secret Sharing Protocol Based on Single D-Level Particles
Chapter 13. An Inconsistency Detection Method for Security Policy and Policy Based on CSP Solver
Chapter 14. Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image Based on Block Classification Scrambling
Chapter 15. A Mutation Approach of Detecting SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
Chapter 16. A Chaotic Map-Based Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme with User Anonymity for Cloud Computing
Chapter 17. An Anonymous User Authentication and Key Distribution Protocol for Heterogenous Wireless Sensor Network
Chapter 18. Privacy-Preserving Multi-party Aggregate Signcryption for Heterogeneous Systems
Chapter 19. An Enhanced Method of Trajectory Privacy Preservation Through Trajectory Reconstruction
Chapter 20. Efficient and Short Identity-Based Deniable Authenticated Encryption
Chapter 21. Towards Fully Homomorphic Encryption From Gentry-Peikert-Vaikuntanathan Scheme
Chapter 22. Privacy-Preserving Medical Information Systems Using Multi-authority Content-Based Encryption in Cloud
Chapter 23. Detect Storage Vulnerability of User-Input Privacy in Android Applications with Static and Dynamic Analysis
Chapter 24. Certificateless with KGC Trust Level 3 Revisited
Chapter 25. Server-Less Lightweight Authentication Protocol for RFID System
Chapter 26. Efficient CP-ABE with Non-monotonic Access Structures
Chapter 27. Image Authentication Based on Least Significant Bit Hiding and Double Random Phase Encoding Technique
Chapter 28. On-Line Intrusion Detection Model Based on Approximate Linear Dependent Condition with Linear Latent Feature Extraction
Chapter 29. Differential Direction Adaptive Based Reversible Information Hiding
Chapter 30. Detection of Jitterbug Covert Channel Based on Partial Entropy Test
Chapter 31. Frame-Deletion Detection for Static-Background Video Based on Multi-scale Mutual Information
Chapter 32. Learning Based Fast H.264/AVC to HEVC INTRA Video Transcoding for Cloud Media Computing
Chapter 33. A Perceptual Encryption Scheme for HEVC Video with Lossless Compression
Chapter 34. Spatial-Temporal Correlation Based Multi-resolution Hybrid Motion Estimation for Frame Rate Up-Conversion
Chapter 35. A Robust Seam Carving Forgery Detection Approach by Three-Element Joint Density of Difference Matrix
Chapter 36. Chinese Remainder Theorem-Based Secret Image Sharing for (k,n) Threshold
Chapter 37. Kernel Searching Strategy for Recommender Searching Mechanism
Chapter 38. A Robust Quantum Watermark Algorithm Based on Quantum Log-Polar Images
Chapter 39. Adaptive Hybrid Wavelet Regularization Method for Compressive Imaging
Chapter 40. Registration of OCT Fundus Images with Color Fundus Images Based on Invariant Features
Chapter 41. View-Based 3D Model Retrieval Based on Distance Learning
Chapter 42. PCANet for Color Image Classification in Various Color Spaces
Chapter 43. A Method of Group Analysis for Enhanced Affinity Propagation
Chapter 44. A Median Filtering Forensics Approach Based on Machine Learning
Chapter 45. Spatiotemporal Radio Tomographic Imaging with Bayesian Compressive Sensing for RSS-Based Indoor Target Localization
Chapter 46. Detection in SAR Images Based on Histogram and Improved Elitist Genetic Fuzzy Clustering
Chapter 47. Research on Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Method Based on Information Geometry
Chapter 48. Android Malware Detection Using Hybrid Analysis and Machine Learning Technique
Chapter 49. Workload-Aware Page-Level Flash Translation Layer for NAND Flash-Based Storage Systems
Chapter 50. Biclustering Evolutionary Spatiotemporal Community in Global Trading Network
Chapter 51. Cost Optimization for Time-Bounded Request Scheduling in Geo-Distributed Datacenters
Chapter 52. The Application of Naive Bayes Classifier in Name Disambiguation
Chapter 53. Mobility Prediction-Based Service Scheduling Optimization Algorithm in Cloudlets
Chapter 54. Single Appliance Recognition Using Statistical Features Based k-NN Classification
Chapter 55. Performance Measurement and Configuration Optimization of Virtual Machines Based on the Bayesian Network
Chapter 56. Image Recapture Detection Through Residual-Based Local Descriptors and Machine Learning
Chapter 57. A Method Towards Community Detection Based on Estimation of Distribution Algorithm
Chapter 58. Sentiment Analysis with Improved Adaboost and Transfer Learning Based on Gaussian Process
Chapter 59. HL-HAR: Hierarchical Learning Based Human Activity Recognition in Wearable Computing
Chapter 60. An Improved Quantum-Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm for Knapsack Problems
Chapter 61. Output-Based Sampled Data Control for Linear Systems: A Measurement Error Estimation Approach
Chapter 62. Adaptive Firefly Algorithm with a Modified Attractiveness Strategy
Chapter 63. Newton Method for Interval Predictor Model with Sphere Parameter Set
Chapter 64. A Conjugate Gradient Algorithm with Yuan-Wei-Lu Line Search
Chapter 65. IU-PMF: Probabilistic Matrix Factorization Model Fused with Item Similarity and User Similarity
Chapter 66. New Delay-Dependent Stability for Neutral Systems with Its Application to Partial Circuit Model
Chapter 67. A Quantitative Evaluation Method of Surveillance Coverage of UAVs Swarm
Chapter 68. Chaos Prediction of Fast Fading Channel of Multi-rates Digital Modulation Using Support Vector Machines
Chapter 69. System Log-Based Android Root State Detection
Chapter 70. Quantified Attribute Access Control Model for Cloud Storage Platform
Chapter 71. Dynamically-Enabled Defense Effectiveness Evaluation in Home Internet Based on Vulnerability Analysis
Chapter 72. The Formal Transformation of AADL Based on Z-CoIA
Chapter 73. Masking Signature Data Errors of Software-Based Control Flow Checking Techniques Employing Redundancy Signature
Chapter 74. The Analysis of Key Nodes in Complex Social Networks
Chapter 75. Novel Schemes for Bike-Share Service Authentication Using Aesthetic QR Code and Color Visual Cryptography
Chapter 76. An Improved RFID Search Protocol
Chapter 77. A Developmental Evolutionary Algorithm for 0-1 Knapsack Problem
Chapter 78. WiSmart : Robust Human Access and Identification for Smart Homes Using WiFi Signals
Chapter 79. Robust Face Recognition Model with Adaptive Correction Term via Generalized Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers

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  • Title: Cloud Computing and Security: 3rd International Conference, Part II
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