Chinese Writing and Calligraphy

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, 書法 shū faˇ in Chinese, has been considered the quintessence of Chinese culture because it is an art that encompasses Chinese language, history, philosophy, and aesthetics. The term’s literal translation, “the way of writing” (shū, “writing,” and faˇ, “way” or “standard”), identifes the core of the art, which has close bonds with Chinese written signs, on the one hand, and painting, on the other. In China, adeptness in brush is among the four traditional skills that cultivate the minds of the literati, along with the ability to play qín (a stringed musical instrument), skill at qí (a strategic board known as “go” in the West), and ability to produce huà (paintings). In the modern age, shū faˇ is known world-wide as a unique type of art, representing one of the most distinctive features of Chinese civilization.

To people in the West, Chinese calligraphy symbolizes a complex, distinct, re-mote, and mysterious cultural heritage. These perceptions stem in part from difer-ences between Eastern and Western worldviews, but the written signs themselves also present a seemingly insurmountable barrier. However, Chinese calligraphy is also fas-cinating and attractive in Western eyes. Recent advances in between China and the of the globe have piqued interest in China’s culture, language, worldview, and way of life. Both within China and elsewhere, knowledge of Chinese calligraphy is seen a mark of education, creativity, and cultural sophistication.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Writing Instruments and Procedures
Chapter Three: Brush Techniques and Basic Strokes I
Chapter Four: Brush Techniques and Basic Strokes II
Chapter Five: Basic Strokes III and Stroke Order
Chapter Six: The Formation of Chinese Characters
Chapter Seven: The Internal Structure of Characters and the Aesthetics of Writing
Chapter Eight: The Development of Chinese Calligraphy I: The Seal Scripts
Chapter Nine: The Development of Chinese Calligraphy II: The Clerical Script
Chapter Ten: The Development of Chinese Calligraphy III: The Regular Script
Chapter Eleven: The Development of Chinese Calligraphy IV: The Running and Cursive Styles
Chapter Twelve: The Art of Composition
Chapter Thirteen: The Yin and Yang of Chinese Calligraphy
Chapter Fourteen: By Way of Conclusion Chinese Calligraphy in the Modern Era
Appendix One: Brush Writing Exercises
Appendix Two: Pinyin Pronunciation Guide

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