Building Ethereum DApps: Decentralized Applications on the Ethereum Blockchain

Book Description


Building Ethereum Dapps introduces you to decentralized applications based on the Ethereum blockchain platform. In this book, you'll learn the principles of Dapps development by rolling up your sleeves and actually building a few!

Foreword by Thomas Bertani.

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About the Technology

Imagine unbreakably secure applications that handle personal and business transactions without any central agency controlling the process. Decentralized applications, or Dapps, do just this, shifting power to users. The Ethereum blockchain platform provides the tools you need to build Dapps, including an innovative "smart contracts" model and Solidity, a Dapp-aware JavaScript-like language.

About the Book

Building Ethereum Dapps teaches Dapps development on the Ethereum blockchain platform. You'll begin with a mental model of how Dapps operate, and then dive into designing and implementing smart contracts in Ethereum's Solidity language. You'll explore Ethereum smart contract development tools, like Truffle and Web3, and pick up best practices for and security. Practical exercises throughout give you valuable hands-on experience.

What's inside

  • Ethereum's key components
  • Implementing smart contracts in Solidity
  • Communicating with a smart contract in Web3
  • Developing Dapps with Truffle
  • Best practices for design and security improvement

About the Reader

For developers with intermediate experience in JavaScript or an OO language. Familiarity with blockchain concepts is helpful.

About the Author

Roberto Infante is a development consultant who specializes in finance. He currently works on financial risk systems and on blockchain technology.

Table of Contents

  1. A first look at decentralized applications
  2. Understanding the blockchain
  3. The Ethereum platform
  4. Deploying your first smart contract
  5. Programming smart contracts in Solidity
  6. more complex smart contracts
  7. Generalizing functionality with abstract contracts and interfaces
  8. Managing smart contracts with Web3.js
  9. The Ethereum ecosystem
  10. Unit testing contracts with Mocha
  11. Improving the development cycle with Truffle
  12. Putting it all together: Building a complete voting Dapp
  13. Making a Dapp production ready
  14. Security considerations
  15. Conclusions

Book Details

  • Title: Building Ethereum DApps: Decentralized Applications on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Author:
  • Length: 504 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2019-03-09
  • ISBN-10: 1617295159
  • ISBN-13: 9781617295157