Big Data Analytics: Proceedings of CSI 2015

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This volume comprises the select proceedings of the annual convention of the Computer Society of India. Divided into 10 topical volumes, the proceedings present papers on state-of-the-art research, surveys, and succinct reviews. The volumes cover diverse topics ranging from communications networks to big data analytics, and from system architecture to cyber security. This volume focuses on Big Data Analytics. The contents of this book will be useful to researchers and students alike.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Need For Developing Intelligent Interfaces For Big Data Analytics In The Microfinance Industry
Chapter 2 Unified Resource Descriptor Over Kaas Framework
Chapter 3 An Adaptable And Secure Intelligent Smart Card Framework For Internet Of Things And Cloud Computing
Chapter 4 A Framework For Ontology Learning From Taxonomic Data
Chapter 5 Leveraging Mapreduce With Column-Oriented Stores: Study Of Solutions And Benefits
Chapter 6 : Solution To Unstructured Data Handling
Chapter 7 Task-Based Load Balancing Algorithm By Efficient Utilization Of Vms In Cloud Computing
Chapter 8 A Load Balancing Algorithm Based On Processing Capacities Of Vms In Cloud Computing
Chapter 9 Package-Based Approach For Load Balancing In Cloud Computing
Chapter 10 Workload Prediction Of E-Business Websites On Cloud Using Different Methods Of Ann
Chapter 11 Data Security In Cloud-Based Analytics
Chapter 12 Ontology-Based Ranking In Search Engine
Chapter 13 Hidden Data Extraction Using Url Templates Processing
Chapter 14 Automatic Generation Of Ontology For Extracting Hidden Web Pages
Chapter 15 Importance Of Sla In Cloud Computing
Chapter 16 A Survey On Cloud Computing
Chapter 17 Adapting And Reducing Cost In Cloud Paradigm (Arccp)
Chapter 18 Power Aware-Based Workflow Model Of Grid Computing Using Ant-Based Heuristic Approach
Chapter 19 Image Categorization Using Improved Data Mining Technique
Chapter 20 An Effective Hybrid Encryption Algorithm For Ensuring Cloud Data Security
Chapter 21 Big Data Analytics: Recent And Emerging Application In Services Industry
Chapter 22 An Analysis Of Resource-Aware Adaptive Scheduling For Hpc Clusters With Hadoop
Chapter 23 Analytical And Perspective Approach Of Big Data In Cloud Computing
Chapter 24 Implementation Of Couchdbviews
Chapter 25 Evolution Of Foaf And Sioc In Semantic Web: A Survey
Chapter 26 Classification Of E-Commerce Products Using Reptree And K-Means Hybrid Approach
Chapter 27 A Study Of Factors Affecting Mapreduce Scheduling
Chapter 28 Outlier Detection In Agriculture Domain: Application And Techniques
Chapter 29 A Framework For Data Analysis
Chapter 30 Web Structure Mining Algorithms: A Survey
Chapter 31 Big Data Analytics Via Iot With Cloud Service
Chapter 32 A Proposed Contextual Model For Big Data Analysis Using Advanced Analytics
Chapter 33 Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data In Using Secure K-Nn
Chapter 34 Dci3 Model For Privacy Preserving In Big Data
Chapter 35 Study Of Sentiment Analysis Using Hadoop
Chapter 36 Optima (Opinionated Tweet Implied Mining And Analysis)
Chapter 37 Agent Based Mapreduce Framework For Big Data Processing
Chapter 38 Review Of Parallel Apriori Algorithm On Mapreduce Framework For Performance Enhancement
Chapter 39 A Novel Approach To Realize Internet Of Intelligent Things
Chapter 40 An Innovative Approach Of Web Page Ranking Using Hadoop- And Map Reduce-Based Cloud Framework
Chapter 41 Saasqual: A Quality Model For Evaluating Saas On The Cloud Computing Environment
Chapter 42 Scalable Aspect-Based Summarization In The Hadoop Environment
Chapter 43 Parallel Mining Of Frequent Itemsets From Memory-Mapped Files
Chapter 44 Handling Smurfing Through Big Data
Chapter 45 A Novel Approach For Semantic Prefetching Using Semantic Information And Semantic Association
Chapter 46 Optimized Cost Model With Optimal Disk Usage For Cloud
Chapter 47 Understanding Live Migration Techniques Intended For Resource Interference Minimization In Virtualized Cloud Environment
Chapter 48 Cloud Security Issues And Challenges
Chapter 49 A Novel Approach To Protect Cloud Environments Against Ddos Attacks
Chapter 50 An Approach For Workflow Scheduling In Cloud Using Aco
Chapter 51 Data Type Identification And Extension Validator Framework Model For Public Cloud Storage
Chapter 52 Robust Fuzzy Neuro System For Big Data Analytics
Chapter 53 Deployment Of Cloud Using Open-Source Virtualization: Study Of Vm Migration Methods And Benefits
Chapter 54 Implementation Of Category-Wise Focused Web Crawler
Chapter 55 : An Approach For Energy And Cost Optimization For Mobile Cloud Computing Environments
Chapter 56 Load Balancing In Cloud—A Systematic Review
Chapter 57 Cloud-Based Big Data Analytics—A Survey Of Current Research And Future Directions
Chapter 58 Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme With Probabilistic Encryption Based On Euler’S Theorem And Application In Cloud Computing
Chapter 59 Big Data: Issues, Challenges, And Techniques In Business Intelligence
Chapter 60 Cloud Computing In Bioinformatics And Big Data Analytics: Current Status And Future Research
Chapter 61 Generalized Query Processing Mechanism In Cloud Database System
Chapter 62 Deliberative Study Of Security Issues In Cloud Computing
Chapter 63 An Overview Of Optimized Computing Approach: Green Cloud Computing
Chapter 64 A Literature Review Of Qos With Load Balancing In Cloud Computing Environment
Chapter 65 Wamlb: Weighted Active Monitoring Load Balancing In Cloud Computing
Chapter 66 Applications Of Attribute-Based Encryption In Cloud Computing Environment
Chapter 67 Query Optimization: Issues And Challenges In Mining Of Distributed Data
Chapter 68 Comprehensive Study Of Cloud Computing And Related Security Issues
Chapter 69 Healthcare Data Analysis Using R And Mongodb
Chapter 70 Data Mining Tools And Techniques For Mining Software Repositories: A Systematic Review
Chapter 71 Swot Analysis Of Cloud Computing Environment
Chapter 72 A Review On Quality Of Service In Cloud Computing
Chapter 73 Association Rule Mining For Finding Admission Tendency Of Engineering Student With Pattern Growth Approach
Chapter 74 Integrated Effect Of Nearest Neighbors And Distance Measures In K-Nn Algorithm

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  • Title: Big Data Analytics: Proceedings of CSI 2015
  • Length: 766 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2017-11-01
  • ISBN-10: 9811066191
  • ISBN-13: 9789811066191
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