Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming

Book Description

Step-by-step beginner’s guide to Visual 2012

Written for novice programmers who want to learn with C# and the .NET , this book offers basics such as variables, flow control, and object oriented . It then moves into and Windows and data access (databases and XML). The authors focus on the tool that beginners use most often to program C#, the Visual C# 2012 development environment in Visual Studio 2012.

  • Puts the spotlight on key beginning level topics with easy-to-follow instructions for Visual C# 2012
  • Explores how to program for variables, expressions, flow control, and
  • Explains the debugging process and error handling as well as object oriented programming, and much more

Beginning Microsoft Visual C# 2012 Programming offers beginners a guide to writing effective programming code following simple step-by-step methods, each followed by the opportunity to try out newly acquired skills.

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