Beginning Microsoft Visual C# 2008

Book Description

The book is aimed at novice programmers who wish to learn programming with C# and the .NET framework. The book starts with absolute programming basics. It then moves into Web and programming, data access (databases and ), and more advanced technologies such as programming with GDI+ and basic . The book is divided into sections including:

  • The C# Language:Basic language skills using console application. Content moves from the absolute basics to fairly involved OOP skills.
  • Windows Vista Programming:Using basic Windows applications, reinforcing earlier OOP and debugging skills.
  • Web Programming:Putting together basic Web applications, highlighting differences between Web and Windows programming.
  • Data Access:Accessing all kinds of data sources from Web and Windows applications, including SQL usage, XML, file system data, and .
  • Additional Techniques: "The fun stuff", including Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow, Windows Foundation, GDI+, networking, Windows Services, and so on.

The book makes complicated subjects seem easy to learn, and it inspires readers to investigate areas further on their own by providing references to additional material, and exercise questions that require significant effort and personal research to complete.

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