Basic College Mathematics, 4th Edition

Book Description

Basic , 4e will be a review of fundamental math concepts for some students and may break new ground for others. Nevertheless, students of all backgrounds will be delighted to find a refreshing book that appeals to all learning styles and reaches out to diverse demographics. Through down-to-earth explanations, patient skill-building, and exceptionally interesting and realistic applications, this worktext will empower students to learn and master mathematics in the real world. Bello has written a textbook with mathanxious students in mind to combat the issue of student motivation, something that instructors face with each class. The addition of Green Math examples and applications expands Bello's reach into current, timely subjects.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Whole Numbers
Chapter Two: Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Chapter Three: Decimals
Chapter Four: Ratio, Rate, and Proportion
Chapter Five: Percent
Chapter Six: and
Chapter Seven: Measurement and the Metric System
Chapter Eight: Geometry
Chapter Nine: The Real Numbers
Chapter Ten: Introduction to

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