Assembly Language Programming Made Clear: A Systemic Approach

Book Description

Assembly Language Programming Made Clear: A Systematic Approach teaches students the of assembly language programming through the use of two pseudo-languages that enable them to design their programs. It also prepares them to write their programs by teaching them the structure of the necessary registers.

Chapters are organized so that information is presented in manageable chunks, all supported with clear examples and include exercises that allow students to immediately apply what they have learned. Over the course of the book students will work with number bases for integers, simple for converting between a number base and the base, if-then and while conditional statements, and arithmetic expressions. They will also study storage for decimal numbers through stacks and strings, string arrays, and much more. The book includes an appendix on signed numbers and the flag signals.

Assembly Language Programming Made Clear can be used in courses within programs. Its cogent discussion of foundational skills also makes it appropriate for classes in anti-virus and those that prepare students for the development of higher-level language.

Initially a computer programmer, Howard Dachslager earned his Ph.D. in mathematics specializing in real analysis and probability theory at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Dachslager has since taught mathematics and programming to diverse student populations. He is currently a faculty member at Irvine Community College, where his course offerings include algebra, statistics, calculus, and finite mathematics. He is the author of several books on both programming and mathematics, most recently Fundamentals of Statistics and Probability Theory, Two Volumes: A Tutorial Approach. Dr. Dachslager is a member of the American Society.

Table of Contents

Part I. Working With Integer Numbers
Chapter 1. Number Bases For Integers
Chapter 2. Relationships Between Number Bases
Chapter 3. Pseudocode And Writing Algorithms
Chapter 4. Simple Algorithms For Converting Between A Number Base And The Base 10
Chapter 5. The If-Then Conditional Statement
Chapter 6. The Whole Conditional Statement
Chapter 7. Computing Number Basis With Algorithms
Chapter 8. Rings And Modular Arithmetic
Chapter 9. Assembly Language Basics
Chapter 10. Arithmetic Expressions
Chapter 11. Constructing Programs In Assembly Language Part I
Chapter 12. Branching And The If-Statements
Chapter 13. Constructing Programs In Assembly Language Part Ii
Chapter 14. Logical Expressions, Masks, And Shifting
Chapter 15. Integer Arrays
Chapter 16. Procedures

Part II. Working With Decimal Numbers
Chapter 17. Decimal Numbers
Chapter 18. Working With Decimal Numbers In Assembly
Chapter 19. Comparing And Rounding Floating-Point Numbers
Chapter 20. Dynamic Storage For Decimal Numbers: Stacks

Part III. Working With Strings
Chapter 21. Dynamic Storage: Strings
Chapter 22. String Arrays
Chapter 23. Input/Output
Chapter 24. Numberic Approximations (Optional)

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  • Title: Assembly Language Programming Made Clear: A Systemic Approach
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  • Length: 602 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2017-07-31
  • ISBN-10: 151651422X
  • ISBN-13: 9781516514229
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