ASP.NET Core Application Development: Building an application in four sprints

Book Description

Master ASP.NET Core hands-on: from architecture through deployment and beyond

This book guides you through the entire process of building, deploying, and managing cross-platform with ASP.NET Core. You’ll master Microsoft’s revolutionary open source ASP.NET Core technology, and learn how to integrate the immense power of MVC, Docker, Azure , Visual Studio, C#, JavaScript, and Entity . Working alongside the fictitious development team at Alpine Ski House, you’ll witness a four-sprint journey starting with a blank canvas. You’ll see the team architect and design their , adjust to user feedback, and move through builds, , deployment, maintenance, and refactoring.

Throughout, you’ll discover how to deliver state-of-the-art software faster and more repeatably than ever before.

Three leading Microsoft MVPs show how to:

  • Build great cross-platform apps using ASP.NET Core and open source frameworks
  • Go beyond MVC to build a complete ASP.Net Core application
  • Create builds on Day One and quickly deploy viable products
  • Integrate Azure support to gain cloud scalability
  • Run or develop cross-platform solutions on Linux
  • Establish consistent development environments with Docker
  • Access data with Entity Framework Core 1.0
  • Generate HTML views with the updated Razor view engine
  • Apply the new configuration system and structured logging
  • Use identity to enforce security and provide rights
  • Improve testability and maintainability with dependency injection
  • Use and manage JavaScript in ASP.NET Core environments
  • Choose and work with package managers to make life easier
  • Use SASS to write maintainable, attractive
  • Make the most of tag helpers and other reusable components
  • Test web apps efficiently using and Jasmine
  • Design, organize, and refactor apps to smoothly accommodate change

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Alpine Ski House
Chapter 1. How We Got Here
Chapter 2. Influencers
Chapter 3. Models, Views, and Controllers
Chapter 4. Scoping the
Chapter 5. Builds
Chapter 6. Deployment

Part 2: Sprint Retro: A Journey of 1000 Steps
Chapter 7. Building Web Applications with Microsoft Azure
Chapter 8. Cross-Platform
Chapter 9. Containers
Chapter 10. Entity Framework Core
Chapter 11. Razor Views
Chapter 12. Configuration and Logging

Part 3: Sprint Retro: The Belly of the Beast
Chapter 13. Identity, Security, and Rights Management
Chapter 14. Dependency Injection
Chapter 15. Role of JavaScript
Chapter 16. Dependency Management
Chapter 17. Front End with Style
Chapter 18. Caching

Part 4: Sprint Retro: Home Stretch
Chapter 19. Reusable Components
Chapter 20. Testing
Chapter 21. Extensibility
Chapter 22. Internationalization
Chapter 23. Refactoring and Improving Code Quality
Chapter 24. Organizing the Code

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  • Title: ASP.NET Core Application Development: Building an application in four sprints
  • Author: , ,
  • Length: 432 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2016-12-16
  • ISBN-10: 1509304061
  • ISBN-13: 9781509304066
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