Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energetic Systems: Smart Sustainable Energy Systems

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This book includes the latest research presented at the International Conference on Artificial in Renewable Energetic Systems held in Tipaza, Algeria on October 22–24, 2017. The development of renewable energy at low cost must necessarily involve the intelligent optimization of energy flows and the intelligent balancing of production, consumption and energy storage. is distributed at all levels and allows information to be processed to optimize energy flows according to constraints. This thematic is shaping the outlines of future economies of and offers the possibility of transforming society. Taking advantage of the growing power of the microprocessor makes the complexity of renewable energy systems accessible, especially since the algorithms of artificial make it possible to take relevant decisions or even reveal unsuspected trends in the management and optimization of renewable energy flows. The book enables those working on energy systems and those dealing with models of artificial to combine their knowledge and their intellectual potential for the benefit of the scientific community and humanity.

Table of Contents

Smart Home in Smart Cities
Smart Buildings and Occupants Satisfaction: The Case of Cyber Park of Sidi Abdallâh and Some Residen ...
Human Activity Recognition in Smart Home Using Prior Knowledge Based KNN-WSVM Model
IoT-Safety and Security System in Smart Cities
Smart Home Control System Based on Raspberry Pi and ZigBee
An Indoor Positioning System Based on Visible Light Using a Solar Cell as Receiver
Energy-Saving Through Smart Home Concept
Uses and Practices of E-health Environments: An Interactive Architecture for Effective Real-Time Mon ...
Using a Hybrid Approach to Optimize Consumption Energy of Building and Increase Occupants’ Comfort L ...
Smart Power Management Hybrid System PV-Fuel Cell
Renewable Resources
Design of Array CSRRs Band-Stop Filter
Improvement of DTC with 24 Sectors of Induction Motor by Using a Three-Level Inverter and Intelligent Hysteresis Controllers
Energy Control Strategy Analysis of Hybrid Power Generation System for Rural Saharan Community in Algeria
Improving the Electrical Stability by Wind Turbine and UPFC
Photo-Thermal Study of the Optical Properties of Multi-layer Coatings Based on Black Pigmented Coatings/SiO2 Applied for Solar Absorber
Sahara Potential and Sustainable Development of Algeria: A Thermal Experimental Study of Parabolic Trough Solar Concentrator with New Perspectives of Solar Energy
Ensemble of Support Vector Methods to Estimate Global Solar Radiation in Algeria
Fuzzy-Direct Power Control of a Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Associate with Shunt Active Power Filter
Fuzzy Control of a Wind System Based on the DFIG
Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking
MPPT Technique for Standalone Hybrid PV-Wind Using Fuzzy Controller
Maximum Power Point Tracking Control of Photovoltaic Generation Based on Fuzzy
Fuzzy-Logic-Based Solar Power MPPT Connected to AC Grid
Higher Performance of the Type 2 Fuzzy Logic Controller for Direct Power Control of Wind Generator Based on a Doubly Fed Induction Generator in Regime
Fuzzy Logic Controller for Improving DC Side of PV Connected Shunt Active Filter Based on MPPT Sliding Mode Control
Improving PV Performances Using Fuzzy-Based MPPT
FPGA-Based Implementation of an Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Method for Photovoltaic Arrays
Modeling Hourly Solar Radiation at Ground Level by Semi Empirical Models in Algeria
Modular Platform of e-Maintenance with Intelligent Diagnosis: Application on Solar Platform
Artificial Neural Network in Renewable Energy
Weather Forecasting Using Genetic Algorithm Based Artificial Neural Network in South West of Algeria (Béchar)
Intra-hour Forecasting of Direct Normal Solar Irradiance Using Variable Selection with Artificial Ne ...
A GRNN Based Algorithm for Output Power Prediction of a PV Panel
Modeling and Operation of PV/Fuel Cell Standalone Hybrid System with Battery Resource
Using Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) for Extracting Acoustic Microwaves (BAW) in Piezoelectric Material
Direct Torque Control Based on Artificial Neural Network of a Five-Phase PMSM Drive
Wind Maximum Power Point Prediction and Tracking Using Artificial Neural Network and Maximum Rotation Speed Method
Modeling of an Improved Liquid Desiccant Solar Cooling System by Artificial Neural Network
Artificial Neural Networks Modeling of an Active Magnetic Refrigeration Cycle
Storage and Optimization
Analysis of Novel Flywheel Energy Storage System Based on Dual Stator Induction Machine Incorporated in Wind Energy Systems Using Intelligent Approach
Dynamic Modeling and Optimal Control Strategy of Energy Storage Elements in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle “Fuel Cell and Ultracapacitor”
Application of Simulated Annealing Optimization Algorithm in Selective Harmonic Elimination Problem
Modeling and Control Thermal of Building for Improve Comfort Level by Using PID and On/Off Methods i ...
Optimal Reconfiguration of an Algerian Distribution Network in Presence of a Wind Turbine Using Genetic Algorithm
Optimization of Irrigation with Photovoltaic System in the Agricultural Farms - Greenhouse: Case Stu ...
Optimization and Characterization of Nanowires Semiconductor Based-Solar Cells
NPC Multilevel Inverters Advanced Conversion Technology in APF
Optimization Study of Hybrid Renewable Energy System in Autonomous Site
An Improved Technique Based on PSO to Estimate the Parameters of the Solar Cell and Photovoltaic Module
Materials in Renewable Energy
Robust and Efficient Control of Wind Generator Based on a Wound Field Synchronous Generator
Using Phase Change Materials (PCMs) to Reduce Energy Consumption in Buildings
Design and Modeling of Miniature On-Chip Spiral Inductor for DC-DC Converter
Optimization of Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide Thin Film Solar Cell (CIGS)
Nano-sensor Based on Ionic Liquid Functionalized Graphene Modified Electrode for Sensitive Detection ...
Temperature Effect on InGaN/GaN Multiwell Solar Cells Performances
Evaluation of Numerical Algorithms of a Single and Two Diodes Models
First Principles Calculations of Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties of Ternary ZnO Alloys: Te Doped
Study and Simulation of a New Structures Containing GaInAsSb/GaInSb for Photovoltaic

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  • Title: Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energetic Systems: Smart Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Length: 531 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2018
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2018-03-29
  • ISBN-10: 3319731912
  • ISBN-13: 9783319731919
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