Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of 7th Computer Science On-line Conference 2018, Volume 2

Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of 7th Computer Science On-line Conference 2018, Volume 2 Front Cover
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Book Description

This book presents the latest trends and approaches in artificial intelligence research and its application to intelligent systems. It discusses hybridization of , new trends in neural networks, optimisation and real-life issues related to the application of artificial methods.

The book constitutes the second volume of the refereed proceedings of the Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems of the 7th Computer Science On-line Conference 2018 (CSOC 2018), held online in April 2018.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Analysis of Affective and Gender Factors in Image Comprehension of Visual Advertisement
Chapter 2. FARIP: Framework for Artifact Removal for Using JPEG
Chapter 3. SOPA: Search Optimization Based Predictive Approach for Design Optimization in FinFET/SRAM
Chapter 4. Analysis of the Quality of the Painting Process Using Preprocessing Techniques of Text Mining
Chapter 5. Bioinspired Algorithm for 2D Packing Problem
Chapter 6. Authorship Identification Using Random Projections
Chapter 7. A Method for Intelligent Quality Assessment of a Gearbox Using Antipatterns and Convolutional Neural Networks
Chapter 8. Spark-Based Classification Algorithms for Daily Living Activities
Chapter 9. Fast Adaptive Image Binarization Using the Region Based Approach
Chapter 10. Semantic Query Suggestion Based on Optimized Random Forests
Chapter 11. Financial Knowledge Instantiation from Semi-structured, Heterogeneous Data Sources
Chapter 12. Hierarchical Fuzzy Deep Leaning Networks for Predicting Human in Strategic Setups
Chapter 13. Fuzzy-Expert System for Customer Behavior Prediction
Chapter 14. A Binary Grasshopper Algorithm Applied to the Knapsack Problem
Chapter 15. Artificial Neural Networks Implementing Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Passive Radars
Chapter 16. Using Query Expansion for Cross-Lingual Mathematical Terminology Extraction
Chapter 17. Text Summarization Techniques for Meta Description Generation in Process of
Chapter 18. Integration of Models of Adaptive Behavior of Ant and Bee Colony
Chapter 19. Optimization of Multistage Tourist Route for Electric Vehicle
Chapter 20. Enhancing Stratified Graph Sampling Algorithms Based on Approximate Degree Distribution
Chapter 21. MIC-KMeans: A Maximum Information Coefficient Based High-Dimensional Clustering Algorithm
Chapter 22. DACC: A Data Exploration Method for High-Dimensional Data Sets
Chapter 23. Multi-targets Tracking of Multiple Instance Boosting Combining with Particle Filtering
Chapter 24. An Enhance Approach of Filtering to Select Adaptive IMFs of EEMD in Fiber Optic Sensor for Oxidized Carbon Steel
Chapter 25. Hyper-heuristical Particle Swarm Method for MR Images Segmentation
Chapter 26. A Hybrid SAE and CNN Classifier for Motor Imagery EEG Classification
Chapter 27. Semantic Bookmark System for Modeling of Users Browsing Preferences
Chapter 28. Models, Algorithms and Monitoring System of the Technical Condition of the Launch Vehicle “Soyuz-2” at All Stages of Its Life Cycle
Chapter 29. Proactive Management of Complex Objects Using Precedent Methodology
Chapter 30. Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems
Chapter 31. Hierarchical System for Evaluating Professional Competencies Using Takagi-Sugeno Rules
Chapter 32. Discovering Association Rules of Information Dissemination About Geoinformatics University Study
Chapter 33. Predicting User Age by Keystroke Dynamics
Chapter 34. Salary Increment Model Based on Fuzzy Logic
Chapter 35. Fuzzy Logic Based Weight Balancing
Chapter 36. Analysis of Spatial Data and Time Series for Predicting Magnitude of Seismic Zones in Bangladesh
Chapter 37. Determination of the Data Model for Heterogeneous Data Based on Cost Estimation
Chapter 38. Aspects of Using Elman Neural Network for Controlling Game Object Movements in Simplified Game World
Chapter 39. Intrinsic Evaluation of Lithuanian Word Embeddings Using WordNet
Chapter 40. Classification of Textures for Autonomous Cleaning Robots Based on the GLCM and Statistical Local Texture Features
Chapter 41. Hybrid Approach to Solving the Problems of Operational Production Planning
Chapter 42. Stacked Autoencoder for Segmentation of Bone Marrow Histological Images
Chapter 43. Exploiting User Expertise and Willingness of Participation in Building Reputation Model for Scholarly Community-Based Question and Answering (CQA) Platforms
Chapter 44. Performance of the Bison Algorithm on Benchmark IEEE CEC 2017
Chapter 45. Distance vs. Improvement Based Parameter Adaptation in SHADE
Chapter 46. Dogface Detection and Localization of Dogface’s Landmarks
Chapter 47. Firefly Algorithm Enhanced by Orthogonal Learning
Chapter 48. On the Applicability of Random and the Best Solution Driven Metaheuristics for Analytic Programming and Time Series Regression

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  • Title: Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of 7th Computer Science On-line Conference 2018, Volume 2
  • Length: 501 pages
  • Edition: 1st ed. 2019
  • Language: English
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  • Publication Date: 2018-07-09
  • ISBN-10: 3319911880
  • ISBN-13: 9783319911885
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