America’s History, High School Edition, 8th Edition

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America's History offers a thematic approach and skills-oriented pedagogy that helps students succeed in the redesigned AP® U.S. History course. Known for its attention to AP® themes and content, the new edition features a new nine part structure closely aligned with the chronology of the new AP® U.S. History course, an expanded documents program, and a wealth of supporting resources that give teachers and students the tools they need to master the course and the new exam.

Table of Contents

PART 1 Transformations of North America, 1450–1700
Chapter 1 Colliding Worlds, 1450–1600
Chapter 2 American Experiments, 1521–1700

PART 2 British North America and the Atlantic World, 1660–1763
Chapter 3 The British Atlantic World, 1660–1750
Chapter 4 Growth, Diversity, And Conflict, 1720–1763

PART 3 Revolution and Republican Culture, 1763–1820
Chapter 5 The Problem Of Empire, 1763–1776
Chapter 6 Making War And Republican Governments, 1776–1789
Chapter 7 Hammering Out A Federal Republic, 1787–1820
Chapter 8 Creating A Republican Culture, 1790–1820

PART 4 Overlapping Revolutions, 1800–1860
Chapter 9 Transforming The , 1800–1860
Chapter 10 A Democratic Revolution, 1800–1844
Chapter 11 Religion And Reform, 1800–1860
Chapter 12 The South Expands: Slavery And Society, 1800–1860

PART 5 Creating and Preserving a Continental Nation, 1844–1877
Chapter 13 Expansion, War, And Sectional Crisis, 1844–1860
Chapter 14 Two Societies At War, 1861–1865
Chapter 15 Reconstruction, 1865–1877
Chapter 16 Conquering A Continent, 1854–1890

PART 6 Industrializing America: Upheavals and Experiments, 1877–1917
Chapter 17 Industrial America: Corporations And Conflicts, 1877–1911
Chapter 18 The Victorians Make The Modern, 1880–1917
Chapter 19 “Civilization’S Inferno”: The Rise And Reform Of Industrial Cities, 1880–1917
Chapter 20 Whose Government? Politics, Populists, And Progressives, 1880–1917

PART 7 Domestic and Global Challenges, 1890–1945
Chapter 21 An Emerging World Power, 1890–1918
Chapter 22 Cultural Conflict, Bubble, And Bust, 1919–1932
Chapter 23 Managing The Great Depression, Forging The New Deal, 1929–1939
Chapter 24 The World At War, 1937–1945

PART 8 The Modern State and the Age of Liberalism, 1945–1980
Chapter 25 Cold War America, 1945–1963
Chapter 26 Triumph Of The Middle Class, 1945–1963
Chapter 27 Walking Into Freedom Land: The Civil Rights Movement, 1941–1973
Chapter 28 Uncivil Wars: Liberal Crisis And Conservative Rebirth, 1961–1972
Chapter 29 The For Order In An Era Of Limits, 1973–1980

PART 9 Global Capitalism and the End of the American Century, 1980 to the Present
Chapter 30 Conservative America In The Ascent, 1980–1991
Chapter 31 Confronting Global And National Dilemmas, 1989 To The Present

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