Agile in a Flash: Speed-Learning Agile Software Development

Book Description

This comprehensive set of cards is an indispensable resource for agile teams. The deck of Agile in a Flash cards teaches leadership, teamwork, clean , agile approaches to problem solving, and tips for coaching agile teams. Team members can use the cards as reference material, ice breakers for conversations, reminders (taped to a wall or monitor), and sources of useful tips and hard-won wisdom. The cards are:

Bite-sized! Read one practice or aspect at a time in a couple of minutes.

Smart! Each card has years of practical experience behind it.

Portable! Cards fit easily in your pocket or backpack.

An indispensable tool for any agile team, and a must-have for every agile coach or Scrum Master.

The Agile in a Flash deck is broken into four areas: planning, team, , and agile concepts. The front of each card is a quick list - a summary of the things you want to know and remember. The back provides further detail on each of the bullet points, and offers sage nuggets of knowledge based on extensive professional experience. Tape the cards to your wall, stick them on your monitor, and get agile fast.

Table of Contents

CARD 1. Why Agile?
CARD 2. The Agile , aka the Agile Manifesto
CARD 3. Behind the Agile Manifesto
CARD 4. Role-Playing in Agile
CARD 5. Agile Success Factors
CARD 6. Courage
CARD 7. Redefining Discipline
CARD 8. Pillars of Craftsmanship
CARD 9. Toyota Production System (TPS) Principles
CARD 10. The Right Process
CARD 11. Got Organizational Obstinance?
CARD 12. Got Individual Obstinance?
CARD 13. Don't Get Too Deep in Technical Debt
CARD 14. Incremental Everything
CARD 15. Embrace Change
CARD 16. Reach Consensus on Story Priority
CARD 17. INVEST in Your Stories
CARD 18. Categorize Requirements with FURPS
CARD 19. Sail on the Three C's
CARD 20. Shrink XL Stories to Fit
CARD 21. Acceptable Acceptance Tests
CARD 22. Acceptance Test Design Principles
CARD 23. Story Estimation Fundamentals
CARD 24. A Winning Hand for Planning Poker
CARD 25. Iterate with Principle
CARD 26. -SMITH with Information Radiators
CARD 27. Shu-Ha-Ri
CARD 28. The Only Agile Tools You'll Ever Need
CARD 29. Successful Stand-up Meetings
CARD 30. ABCs of Pair Programming
CARD 31. Retrospectives
CARD 32. When Not Pairing
CARD 33. How to Be a Team Player
CARD 34. Collective Code Ownership
CARD 35. Coding Standards
CARD 36. Is Your Team Circling the Drain?
CARD 37. Pair Programming Smells
CARD 38. Stop the Bad Test Death Spiral
CARD 39. How to Stay Valuable
CARD 40. Eight Crucial Practices of Agile Programmers
CARD 41. Build Superior Systems with Simple Design
CARD 42. The Seven Code Virtues
CARD 43. Really Meaningful Names
CARD 44. A Rhythm for Success: The TDD Cycle
CARD 45. FIRST Properties of Unit Tests
CARD 46. Triple A for Tight Tests
CARD 47. Prevent Code Rot Through Refactoring
CARD 48. Refactoring Inhibitors
CARD 49. Field Guide to Mocks
CARD 50. Break Unit Test Writer's Block
CARD 51. Test Double Troubles
CARD 52. TDD Process Smells

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  • Title: Agile in a Flash: Speed-Learning Agile Software Development
  • Author: ,
  • Length: 110 pages
  • Edition: Crds
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2011-02-01
  • ISBN-10: 1934356719
  • ISBN-13: 9781934356715