Accelerated Windows Memory Dump Analysis, 5th Edition, Part 1, Process User Space

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The full color transcript of Software Diagnostics Services training sessions with 20 step-by-step exercises, notes, source code of specially created applications and more than 60 questions and answers. Covers more than 50 crash dump from x86 and x64 process memory dumps. Learn how to analyse application and crashes and freezes, navigate through process user space and diagnose heap corruption, memory and handle leaks, CPU spikes, blocked threads, deadlocks, wait chains, and much more. The training uses a unique and innovative pattern-oriented approach developed by Software Diagnostics Institute to speed up the learning curve. Prerequisites: Basic troubleshooting. Audience: Software technical support and escalation engineers, system administrators, researchers, reverse engineers, malware and memory forensics analysts, software developers and quality assurance engineers, site reliability engineers. The 5th edition was fully reworked with additional slides, exercises, and patterns.

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