A Tour of C++, 2nd Edition

Book Description

In  A Tour of C++, Second Edition, Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, describes what constitutes modern C++. This concise, self-contained guide covers most major language features and the major standard-library components—not, of course, in great depth, but to a level that gives programmers a meaningful overview of the language, some key examples, and practical help in getting started.

Stroustrup presents the C++ features in the context of the programming styles they support, such as object-oriented and generic programming. His tour is remarkably comprehensive. Coverage begins with the basics, then ranges widely through more advanced topics, including many that are new in C++17, such as move semantics, uniform initialization, lambda expressions, improved containers, random numbers, and concurrency. The tour even covers some extensions being made for C++20, such as concepts and , and ends with a discussion of the design and evolution of C++.

This guide does not aim to teach you how to program (for that, see Stroustrup’s Programming: and Practice Using C++, Second Edition), nor will it be the only resource you’ll need for C++ mastery (for that, see Stroustrup’s The C++ , Fourth Edition, and recommended online sources). If, however, you are a C or C++ programmer wanting greater familiarity with the current C++ language, or a programmer versed in another language wishing to gain an accurate picture of the nature and benefits of modern C++, you can’t find a shorter or simpler introduction than this tour provides.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Basics
Chapter 2 User-Defined Types
Chapter 3 Modularity
Chapter 4 Classes
Chapter 5 Essential Operations
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Concepts And Generic Programming
Chapter 8 Library Overview
Chapter 9 Strings And
Chapter 10 Input And Output
Chapter 11 Containers
Chapter 12
Chapter 13 Utilities
Chapter 14 Numerics
Chapter 15 Concurrency
Chapter 16 History And Compatibility

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