Unix Network Programming, Volume 1: The Sockets Networking API, 3rd Edition

Book Description

This is THE guide to UNIX network programming . Whether you write Web servers, client/server applications, or any other network , you need to understand networking APIS-especially sockets in greater detail than ever before. You need UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1, Third Edition. In this book, the Authors offer unprecedented, start-to-finish guidance on making the most of sockets, the de facto standard for UNIX network programming with APIs - as well as extensive coverage of the X/Open Transport (XTI).

Table of Contents

Part 1: Introduction and TCP/IP
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Transport Layer: TCP, UDP, and SCTP

Part 2: Elementary Sockets
Chapter 3. Sockets Introduction
Chapter 4. Elementary TCP Sockets
Chapter 5. TCP Client/Server Example
Chapter 6. I/O Multiplexing: The select and poll
Chapter 7. Socket Options
Chapter 8. Elementary UDP Sockets
Chapter 9. Elementary SCTP Sockets
Chapter 10. SCTP Client/Server Example
Chapter 11. Name and Address Conversions

Part 3: Advanced Sockets
Chapter 12. IPv4 and IPv6 Interoperability
Chapter 13. Daemon Processes and the inetd Superserver
Chapter 14. Advanced I/O Functions
Chapter 15. Unix Domain Protocols
Chapter 16. Nonblocking I/O
Chapter 17. ioctl Operations
Chapter 18. Routing Sockets
Chapter 19. Key Sockets
Chapter 20. Broadcasting
Chapter 21. Multicasting
Chapter 22. Advanced UDP Sockets
Chapter 23. Advanced SCTP Sockets
Chapter 24. Out-of-Band Data
Chapter 25. Signal-Driven I/O
Chapter 26. Threads
Chapter 27. IP Options
Chapter 28. Raw Sockets
Chapter 29. Datalink Access
Chapter 30. Client/Server Design Alternatives
Chapter 31. Streams

Appendix A. IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4, and ICMPv6
Appendix B. Virtual
Appendix C. Debugging Techniques
Appendix D. Miscellaneous Source Code
Appendix E. Solutions to Selected Exercises

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