Beginning iPhone Development with Swift: Exploring the iOS SDK

Beginning iPhone Development with Swift: Exploring the iOS SDK

(152 reviews, 81 downloads)
, 2014-11-19, 828 pages, pdf, epub
The team that brought you the bestselling Beginning iPhone Development, the book that taught the world how to program on the iPhone, is back again for Beginning iPhone Development with Swift.This definitive guide is up to date with Apple’s new…
Beginning C++

Beginning C++

(1 reviews, 113 downloads)
, 2014-11-05, 594 pages, pdf, epub
Beginning C++ is a tutorial for beginners in C++ and discusses a subset of C++ that is suitable for beginners. The language syntax corresponds to the C++14 standard. This book is environment neutral and does not presume any specific operating…
Effective STL

Effective STL

(49 reviews, 410 downloads)
, 2001-06-16, 288 pages, pdf, epub
“This is Effective C++ volume three – it’s really that good.” – Herb Sutter, independent consultant and secretary of the ISO/ANSI C++ standards committee “There are very few books which all C++ programmers must have. Add Effective STL to that…
Carpenter's Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques

Carpenter’s Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques

(5 reviews, 433 downloads)
, 2012-02-27, 570 pages, pdf, epub
Carpenter’s Guide to Innovative SAS Techniques offers advanced SAS programmers an all-in-one programming reference that includes advanced topics not easily found outside the depths of SAS documentation or more advanced training classes. Art Carpenter has written fifteen chapters of advanced…
jQuery: A Beginner's Guide

jQuery: A Beginner’s Guide

(1 reviews, 1092 downloads)
, 2014-04-01, 376 pages, pdf, epub
Essential Skills–Made Easy! Learn the fundamentals of jQuery programming in no time. jQuery: A Beginner’s Guide starts with the basics–from including the library in an HTML document to element selection, event handling, and CSS style manipulation. Next, it’s on to…