Statistical Methods for Hospital Monitoring with R

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Statistical Methods for Hospital Monitoring with R ( in Practice)

Hospitals monitoring is becoming more complex and is increasing both because staff want their data analysed and because of increasing mandated surveillance.  This book provides a suite of functions in R, enabling scientists and data analysts working in infection management and quality improvement departments in hospitals, to analyse their often non-independent data which is frequently in the form of trended, over-dispersed and sometimes auto-correlated time series; this is often difficult to analyse using standard software.

This book provides much-needed guidance on data using R for the growing number of scientists in hospital departments who are responsible for producing reports, and who may have limited statistical expertise.

This book explores data analysis using R and is aimed at scientists in hospital departments who are responsible for producing reports, and who are involved in improving . Professionals working in the healthcare quality and community will also find this book of interest

Statistical Methods for Hospital Monitoring with R:

  • Provides functions to perform quality improvement and infection management data analysis.
  • Explores the characteristics of complex systems, such as self-organisation and emergent behaviour, along with their implications for such activities as root-cause analysis and the Pareto principle that seek few key causes of adverse events.
  • Provides a summary of key non-statistical aspects of hospital safety and easy to use functions.
  • Provides R scripts in an accompanying web site enabling analyses to be performed by the reader
  • Covers issues that will be of increasing importance in the future, such as, generalised additive , and complex systems, and power laws.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to analysis of binary and proportion data 24
2 The analysis of aggregated binary data 67
3 Sequential binary data 116
4 Introduction to analysis of count and rate data 168
5 Tables and charts for aggregated count data 203
6 Sequential count and rate data 242
7 Miscellaneous AEs 307
8 Hospital safety and adverse event prevention 374

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