Programming with C

Book Description

This book aims to make C as simple as possible for beginners and yet to provide sufficient depth of coverage for intermediate as well as advanced users. It deals with the concepts of C programming in a carefully planned manner, with focus on commonly used concepts and topics, supported by numerous short as well as complete working programming examples. The chapters on flowcharts, standard C library, program development tools and Turbo C , not usually available in most popular books on C, have been included to enable readers to follow a self-study approach successfully. The presentation of advanced topics in a separate section in each chapter also helps manage the complexity of the language, providing easy access to topics for both beginners and advanced users.

Main features:

  • Written mainly for beginners, yet useful for intermediate and advanced users too
  • Chapter on flowcharts included to illustrate the concept of
  • Large number of examples (short examples as well as complete working programs) for explaining concepts and enabling rapid development of C programming skills
  • Carefully designed exercises at the end of each chapter
  • Chapter on Turbo C++ graphics
  • Good coverage of standard C library, pointers, strings, structures and files

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction To Computers, Programming And The C Language
Chapter 2 Representing Data
Chapter 3 Arithmetic Operators And Expressions
Chapter 4 The C Standard Library
Chapter 5 Conditional Control
Chapter 6 Looping Control
Chapter 7 Nested Control Structures
Chapter 8
Chapter 9 Vectors Or One-Dimensional Arrays
Chapter 10 Matrices And Multidimensional Arrays
Chapter 11 Pointers
Chapter 12 Strings
Chapter 13 Structures
Chapter 14 Files
Chapter 15 Searching And Sorting
Chapter 16 Miscellaneous Concepts
Chapter 17 Graphics In Turbo C And Turbo C++

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