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Leverage the modern convenience and modelling power of the D to develop software with native efficiency

About This Book

  • Acquire the skills to understand the fundamentals of D through its support for imperative and object-oriented programming
  • Take advantage of D's powerful compile-time features, templates and ranges to apply generative, generic, and functional style
  • A systematic guide that will help you become familiar with the concepts in D with the help of simple and easy-to-understand examples

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for those with some background in a C-family language who want to learn how to apply their knowledge and experience to D. Perhaps you're a student looking to use D for hobby , or a career programmer interested in expanding your skillset. This book will help you get up to speed with the language and avoid common pitfalls that arise when translating C-family experience to D.

What You Will Learn

  • Compile programs with DMD and manage projects with DUB
  • Work efficiently by binding your D programs with new and existing C libraries
  • Generate code at compile-time to enhance runtime performance
  • Implement complex templates for more powerful generic code
  • Write idiomatic D with range-based functional pipelines
  • Use the DUB repository to find a link with a variety of D libraries
  • Implement a web-app in D from the ground up

In Detail

D is a modern programming language that is both powerful and efficient. It combines multiple paradigms in a way that opens up a whole new world of software design. It is used to develop both desktop and , with future targets including , and is available on multiple platforms. It is familiar to anyone with some experience in one or more of the C-family languages. However, hidden in the similarities are several differences that can be surprising when trying to apply common idioms from other languages. When learning D on your own, this can make it more time-consuming to master. In order to make the most of the language and become an idiomatic D programmer, it's necessary to learn how to think in D.

This book familiarizes you with D from the ground up, with a heavy focus on helping you to avoid surprises so that you can take your D knowledge to the next level more quickly and painlessly.

Your journey begins with a taste of the language and the basics of compiling D programs with DMD, the reference D compiler developed by Mars, and DUB, a community-developed build utility and package manager. You then set out on an exploration of major language features. This begins with the fundamentals of D, including built-in types, conditionals, loops and all of the basic building-blocks of a D program, followed by an examination of D's object-oriented programming support. You'll learn how these features differ from languages you may already be familiar with. Next up are D's compile-time features, such as Compile-Time Function Evaluation and conditional compilation, then generic programming with templates. After that, you'll learn the more advanced features of ranges and functional pipeline programming. To enhance your D experience, you are next taken on a tour of the D ecosystem and learn how to make D interact with C. Finally, you get a look at D web development using the vibe.d project and the book closes with some handy advice on where to go next.

Style and approach

A friendly guide to the D programming language and its ecosystem that walks programmers through all they need to know for a painless experience in learning D.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Get a D in Programming
Chapter 2: Building a Foundation with D Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Programming Objects the D Way
Chapter 4: Running Code at Compile Time
Chapter 5: Generic Programming Made Easy
Chapter 6: Understanding Ranges
Chapter 7: Composing Functional Pipelines with Algorithms and Ranges
Chapter 8: Exploring the Wide World of D
Chapter 9: Connecting D with C
Chapter 10: Taking D Online
Chapter 11: Taking D to the Next Level

Book Details

  • Title: Learning D
  • Author:
  • Length: 464 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2015-11-27
  • ISBN-10: 1783552484
  • ISBN-13: 9781783552481

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