Energy Efficient Distributed Computing Systems

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Energy Efficient Distributed (Wiley Series on Parallel and Distributed )
The energy consumption issue in distributed computing systems raises various monetary, environmental and system performance concerns. Electricity consumption in the US doubled from 2000 to 2005.  From a financial and environmental standpoint, reducing the consumption of electricity is important, yet these reforms must not lead to performance degradation of the computing systems.  These contradicting constraints create a suite of complex problems that need to be resolved in order to lead to 'greener' distributed computing systems.  This book brings together a group of outstanding researchers that investigate the different facets of green and energy efficient distributed computing.

Key features:

  • One of the first books of its kind
  • Features latest research findings on emerging topics by well-known scientists
  • Valuable research for grad students, postdocs, and researchers
  • Research will greatly feed into other technologies and application domains

Table of Contents

1 Power Allocation And Task Scheduling On Multiprocessor Computers With Energy And Time Constraints 1
2 Power-Aware High Performance Computing 39
3 Energy Efficiency In Hpc Systems 81
4 A Stochastic Framework For Hierarchical System-Level Power Management 109
5 Energy-Efficient Reservation Infrastructure For Grids, Clouds, And Networks 133
6 Energy-Efficient Job Placement On Clusters, Grids, And Clouds 163
7 Comparison And Analysis Of Greedy Energy-Efficient Scheduling For Computational Grids 189
8 Toward Energy-Aware Scheduling Using 215
9 Energy Efficiency Metrics For Data Centers 245
10 Autonomic Green Computing In Large-Scale Data Centers 271
11 Energy And Thermal Aware Scheduling In Data Centers 301
12 Qos-Aware Power Management In Data Centers 339
13 Energy-Efficient Storage Systems For Data Centers 361
14 Autonomic Energy/Performance Optimizations For Memory In Servers 377
15 Rod: A Practical Approach To Improving Reliability Of Energy-Efficient Parallel Disk Systems 395
16 Embracing The Memory And I/O Walls For Energy-Efficient Scientific Computing 417
17 Multiple Frequency Selection In Dvfs-Enabled Processors To Minimize Energy Consumption 443
18 The Paramountcy Of Reconfigurable Computing 465
19 Workload Clustering For Increasing Energy Savings On Embedded Mpsocs 549
20 Energy-Efficient Internet Infrastructure 567
21 Demand Response In The Smart Grid: A Distributed Computing Perspective 593
22 Resource Management For Distributed Mobile Computing 615
23 An Energy-Aware Framework For Mobile Data Mining 653
24 Energy Awareness And Efficiency In Wireless Sensor Networks: From Physical Devices To The Link 673
25 -Wide Strategies For Energy Efficiency In Wireless Sensor Networks 709
26 Energy Management In Heterogeneous Wireless Health Care Networks 751

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